Piconjo Marmalade 02 DVD

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_Ctiger_ made teh secret EASTER EGG movie, are you hard enough to find it?

deck_head_tottie says: "THIS FILM IS SO GOOD I EJACULATED 5 TIMES LOL"
DareDevilGuy ejaculated 7 times lol.
ZEFFER TOO ejaculated 8 times rofl.
InfectedLeg ejaculated 10 times LAFF!!1

with some 1337 special extras
(I recommend you play the "music player" and look at the visualisations)


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Don't lyked it

. . .Lyked it but niether i get the humor. . . .
musik really hurts my ears. . . .
sorry for this review. . . . .
just don't lyked this type of movies. .


I thought the other one was better. This one wasn't nearly as amusing.

Joo r dey best

Piconjo is dey god of newgrounds he will pwn frog and his frog splooge eating toadies make some more movies like this! U r tight im addin u 2 favorites u r better then sicksexfiend!


piconjo is funny
cool_penguins was the best.
Shortest... review.... ever.

To whoever responds to this review, respond to it only using 2 letters.

bob-bobberson responds:


PIconjo movies kick ass...

My favorite had to be cool_penguin's though. That was just sweet :)

bob-bobberson responds:

omg j00 ball licker
cool_penguin_0 sez: "thanks :P"