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Strawberry AlarmClock!

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*not to be confused with the band of the same name

It's so easy to forget the time while you're surfing the net. StrawberryClock helps you remember your appointments! Set the alarm, choose a polite or rude message (randomized), pick a Clock (yeah, they all use the same voice. Filesize-wise it's a little ridiculous to insert multiple computer voice sets), leave the application running in the background, and you'll be called when it's time! Weee! May not really qualify as a "game", but it's too interactive to be a "movie".

Graphically this was not a heavy Flash production, however I still had to code the whole talking clock and the alarm system, while I'm no master of Actionscript. So despite what you may think, this wasn't a quick job.

And I know Flash alarm clocks have been done before by other people. So have a lot of things.

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I'm scared

Haha nice

So this was a nice gadget piece with it being a clock I think the onlything to change up here might be soem backround details, Cool I liked this one it was fun and i had fun messing with this, you should make more like this it kept me entertained as i know it will to others anyways nice job

some backround details would be cool


I was so impressed by how this was a real clock. I mean, I do wonder why they don't just show the time. It's still a great submission. I believe that was the name of a band. I congratulate you for helping us tell the time. Well, it's on most computers anyway.

It's just a very fun little thing. I guess an actual alarm clock would be more useful. I just liked hearing the voices. Well, whatever sounds they are. Good variety of clocks too.

My Favorite ones are Strawberry, Pineapple, Earth, Grape and Blueberry clock

Really cool !

This is really cool , I like the variety of clocks you can use and the alarm system works perfectly and it's quite funny . It's a decent little gadget , good work !