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Some updates: Added lava sound, fixed the diagonal bug and gave a ....well, pretty lame ending for now! Currently, a new guy has joined the team to finish the game. He is Ozcar from ng. He is doing the graphics and sounds. :-)


Great Idea

Give it some nice graphics, some sound, multiple levels, a title screen, and all that other boring stuff and you'd have a very entertaining puzzle game. But, in leu of these deficiences, I have to give you a low score. Put some more work on it. Definitely: I want to play this when it's a better game.

adit-ya-sharma responds:

Yeah, sfx is needed too, thanks

Pretty simplistic

And a lot of glitches.

Good Job

Its a good "Beta" version of the game, I enjoyed it, but on the other hand, I did beat it in one try.

So, when your making your REAL one, make it with more levels.

More difficulty (Make it so there are MANY tubes to go, and most of them are wrong, but the player has to find out which is correct, EX. Mario Party, with the Treasure going in the pipes, who knows where it will go.

Have some music in it, motivate people to play the game more.

Have some more Evil looking lava, and say also, during the levels, the lava can like, Spit a chunk of volcanic blob of lava at you, and you have to dodge it, that will SURELY increase the difficulty.

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adit-ya-sharma responds:

Thanks mate, and all you guys for giving such a neutral and correct response, and yes, there are few bugs like the diagonal walk "no clip" thing that I'll remove very quickly indeed. Graphics is anoter thing that I need, so if you guys got help, help me at adit_ya_sharma[at]hotmail[dot]com .
I was very curious to know the reviews so I forgot to put an an end or an exit.....:-P , thanks again guys!!!

Needs and end mate

I found at the start was kinda hard but as i progressed throughout the game i found it very easy, consider making it harder, and put an end to it, make it in levels, in stages if you like....Count me as fan.


um, ok but too easy, i did it first time. it needs to get progressively more difficult. it also needs an end :D

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2.08 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2004
8:33 AM EDT
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