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Some updates: Added lava sound, fixed the diagonal bug and gave a ....well, pretty lame ending for now! Currently, a new guy has joined the team to finish the game. He is Ozcar from ng. He is doing the graphics and sounds. :-)


yea, once the maze is done, it just keeps going and going and going. i thought i broke it or somthing. anyway, pretty good idea, it just needs improvment. sound definately, and the fire's pretty good, but it can be alittle better. And yea, that diagnal glitch thingy scared me. haha.

Fun game! ^^

Small glitch I found though, when you have to move in the diagonally shaped tunnels, you often disappear, then reappear on the other side of the wall. Other than that, neat game! ^^

I liked it

It was fun and all but i scoreboard would have made it a hell of alot better!
I saw this guy bag it and i had to do it:
Flash by Samm-E:
- none -

I hate morons like that that can't make flash cartoons but they site back in thier parents basments giving people bad reviews I'm sick of it.

Can i suggest some obviously improvment?
A score board, way longer, so you're trying to beat the highest score, an increase in difficulty, some music? ummmm. But i do like the game alot!


come on now.... what the fuck

to say one thing at least... it took me two attempts to finish the game. i did what you asked and played the game before i voted it to be blammed. i'm sure you can do far better, so come back wit something special and i well be nice


Very basic at this stage but I do think with some fine tuning and a bit of clean up this will be a very good game.

I was also able to go through walls in a sense on certain walls. May want to check that as well.

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2.08 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2004
8:33 AM EDT
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