Mr.T Cerial Commercial

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Hey I made this because I am a mr.t fan and I saw a commercial something like this but all that happened was that all the pictures rotated and sucked.So i decided to make something better today in like 40 minuets.

*UPDATE 2.23.02*
This was one of myearlier flashes,and still one of my personal favorites.It is skachy and can be put togher better,but its original.I am currently in the process of making a mr.t flash game,look out for that soon.

www.disassoative.ca.tc -launches soon!


Quit yo jibba jabba!

This is awesome....I have an obsession with Mr. T.....no not like that....dirty bastards...yeah anyways great work....loved it!

great.just...great. take that,Jawbreak!

Combined with Mr T's love of milk, this could be such a believable advert (commercial). I loved the song, with Mr T saying, "It's cool." every so often. It was very good.

bad. just...bad.

seriously, you can do better. I think. you used the same audio clips over and over, and used crappy webgraphics. it would've been cool if you conveyed it better.

ahh very nice!

this was so cool, but one thing is really annoying me.... people are sayin they can do better, or some twat said their dads dick can do better. THEY PROBABLY CANT EVEN MAKE A FUCKIN 2 SECOND ANIMATION LET ALONE A WHOLE THING!!! fuckin jackasses need to watch what they're sayin before i repost this on a different flash. anyway i thought it was cool, but you need better pictures cuz they were all like pixelated and stuff and well its kinda irritating, but it was funny. loved the music.. ^.^

Who else thinks Mr T is cool?

I do!

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3.42 / 5.00

May 13, 2001
9:56 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody