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Well, not my best..not my worst *cough* How to Kill a Bunny *cough*...It's sick..didn't take long to make..enough said.



I am a man, who suffers from depression. There is not a single day where I do not think of commiting suicide. However, I was watching this movie, and I've never seen a bigger peice of shit in my entire life.

Your unthoughtful, and you are extremely distasteful. What if someone extremely depressed came to this website which is well known for HUMOR, and came accross this, and looked for a little bit of an understanding of what they are going through, or even a small laugh? And then they saw, and read what you had to say.

A persons death would be on your hands. If anyone in this world needs mental help, it has to be you. You have to be so insecure about yourself that you have to prey apon the depressed.

In short, FUCK YOU!

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thats not funny that sucks!

god damn whats wrong with you people suicide isn't funny it's sad someone who hates his life so much he kills himself thats not funny that sucks!

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Suicide is not funny.

That seemed serious. But it was meant as a joke which just makes it even more offensive. Depression is not a laughing matter. Suicide in movies should only be done comically, and this wasn't.

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Dude that wasnt cool at all. Suicide isnt a laughing matter. I really dont like being uptight saying this is cruel (I never reviewed a movie like this) and stuff but it really is. Not to mention the graphics sucked. The message was moronic. I made a movie about depression and suicide but not like this. Mine wasnt a joke. This is. Fuck off.

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fucking piece of shit asshole

your a dick, suicide is not funny, its not a fucking joke, there are people out there that are acctually dying and your here making a movie out of it your a sick fucking bastard you know that a fucking sick bastard i hope you fucking die

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Apr 25, 2000
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