Those Crazy Homos!

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Oldies songs, Falling elephants, Guns, blood, Homos...what more can I say?


As surprising as this is given the age, I felt this dragged on much too long. It was slow-moving, and the beginning was actually painful. There was a block of text that lasted maybe two frames, and the syncing between the first dialog boxes wasn't working. Once it got going the flash was decent enough, and the graphics were okay for its time, but it wasn't something I'd go out of my way to watch.


Pretty solid effort overall to be honest with you. I thought the jokes were good and the character design for the mother and the two guys in the bed were actually well done and the song choice at the end suited the flash very well. I think your main problem was with the timing of the speech as you gave way too much time for the viewer to read what was said. Overall a good effort.


this was ok, notbad could use some better character work more looking like people, some stuff seemed sloppy, but for the mostpart it was ok

make he people look like real people

needs work



kind of funny and the drawings and animation were ok, but it just dragged on for a really long time, especially the mom's first word bubble, and how it took her like an hour to walk down the hall and a couple of days for her to raise and fire the gun. There's something to be said for the humor of dramatic slowness, but there's a point when the shit just gets to be rediculous, the elephant thing was kind of amusing though.

damn.. i hate g... a lot!

if i could i'd shoot each and every one of them to shoot thier dicks off and make them go down on women every day for the rest of thier lives because if god meand g.. then he would have made Adam and Bruce but he didnt! ? now did he..
and one more thing : lesbians are cool but g.. should be killed at sight (fire!!)
shady says: (((( kill the freaks of nature ))))

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1.58 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2000
11:53 PM EDT
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