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Soapster on Hygiene

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Author Comments

This flash took me one complete day to make. It's only 60 seconds, but it was worth the work. I greatly appreciate reviews on my work, and I want to know if you want more of Soapster, or if he's a dud character.

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Very Nice

Very nice. For all of you who enjoyed this movie, Jorie and I will be starting a new project. I will write and get voice acters and she will animate. It should be a very nice project.

A very talented up-&-comming author

To have youre first cartoon submited pass judgement is a great acheivemnt. It took you only a day, but it was still pretty good. Keep in mind, most good cartoons take significantly longer... months even!However I do forsee you becoming one of the great authors on the portal, and being one of the rare female authors gives you even more power.

This cartoon was great. The charecter was original, and cute, and well drawn. Background was less apealing, and a bit too simple, but it worked out alright. it was simple, but reliable. Impressive voice work and lipsync for an early flash..

Its a message that alot of oure nerdy NG demographic needs to take to heart... and its nice how you targeted it towards boys, since thats the significantly larger percentage of Ng's active population.

I particulary liked lesson one, because im in terrible pain right now, in need of seeing a dentist rather baddly. i registered my apointment 2 months ago and I cant go till august, because a filling i had fell out. Musta been all the soda pop. Half that back molar broke off and my nerve is exposed, so my whole mouth hurts like a bitch, although its prety much unnoticable to anyone else. [i do brush though, its the pops fault, i swear]

the other rules i already follow, But you should have talked more about the importance of shampoo, Body wash botlles.. removing body hair, clipping Finger and toe nails, useing mouthwash, and cleaning out youre ears with q-tips.

I'd take a bubly bath with you anytime. *wink...wink*


that was funny, i got a great laugh out of this movie.

Sometimes simple humor is the best humor...

It cracked me up. "You'll never get a girl if your hair looks like a pile of sh-t." Soapster can advice me anytime I'm in trouble.

Sometimes simple humor is the best humor...

Whodaya think yous are a.

wiseguy. Soapster what a whimiscal character. What next how to ride a bike lolomgwtf. continue I say.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2004
4:42 AM EDT