The Battle of the Ages

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Update: You Are NOT supposed to understand the voices. Also. It's a tournament for the best title. Bloody Roar basically just got knocked out.
ps giv eme some characters u'd liek to see fight.

You all probably thought i was dead or somthing. It's definatly been awhile. This is the Battle of the ages. No it's not another adl. I have one made but are reluctant to send it in. Anyways enjoy this flick. I sacraficed alot of quality to make this able to go onto Newgrounds. Even so still set quality to medium.


O.o all i can say ish wow

wow, i liked the way Kenji laughed, i never see him laugh like that, sweet how this looks ^^

hmmm it okk...

The voices you could have made understandable I know you meant for me not to understand them but.... anway I do have a idea for a fight throw in Taki (soul caliber 2) if you know who she is if you dont I might be able to suply a sprite source for her it's good movie just a couple flaws thats all.

DAMN!!!Should've went with Yugo or Kohryu

Had some flaws, still pretty cool.Bulls**t about Link coming back to life, stupid fairy... but I never saw Bakuryu the mole shoot beams...or go down without going beast, why didn't he?Plus, Bakuryu had/has alot of cool and powerful moves at his arsenal, like the Naruto-related disappearance and beast-drives.Using those would've made the fight much more interesting.


Ok first of all that little message in the begining "turn down the quality no matter how fast you think your com is put your pride away" i'd be suprised if a person with a 5 year old compaq would need to turn down the quality.Second,the animation of the faces blood and just about everything else was substanderd.If you were being raped while you were making this i would understand but really come on it sucked more balls than a porn star poseing for a money shot.

w00t~ go link!

That was pretty cool- But i, for some reason maybe would've given you a 10 if link had arms and legs. cool fighting though, but the energy blast thingies were a bit overdone.

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3.30 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2004
4:43 PM EDT
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