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Note: a demoreel is a collection of different peices of your work. so there is no hidden story in this. don't get confused.

I was looking through my folder of flash files the other day, and I noticed a whole bunch of great projects I had started but never finished. As a result of that [and boredom] I threw together this little demoreel. . . Enjoy!

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this is kinda wierd not bad and at the same token not very good you could do better like adding better movement and not make it look so choppy but still good effort.

some previews.... that i like

good job evan...i especially liked the part with the matrix looking guys as well as the noirish guy at the beginning. these clips look great...hope to see them in award winning movies!

Brilliant as a showreel

Its great as a showreel, you can do some really nice stuff. It would be nice to see some of those movies as a full version. At the moment it reminds me a little of the adverts for TV movies at Christmas - id love to watch most of the movies, but the advert is only really entertaining once.

Do more stuff!!

n0ir responds:

Thanks. I may pickup on some of those unfinished projects, but not as soon as I would like too.

Um, not bad

If it were a little longer. I'm afraid random images and skits just don't cut these days.

Random but enjoyable

Nice work piecing this together. Now you should actually try finnishing some of those projects ;)