Dragon Ball Z -Is That OK

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This started off as a big inside joke so I eventually made this. It's a parody of a scene from DBZ. If you like Tien you probably won't like this movie. Is that OK!?
(Thank you for all the reviews all ready! Even the people who don't like dbz and still liked it a bit. Man this got on the front page! Thank you very much!)


fuckin funny

thats awesome. "men in pink?! how bizzare!" "as a matter of fact..it isnt.." haha, and hes wearing pink. thats genius. more! more!!

LOL now that was funny!

I'm sick and tired of a lot of the DBZ stuff. I used to be a fan but it's just old. This though, now this was a funny spoof for once. I enjoyed it, and your art was very similar to Akira Toyemas (or however u spell it) Good job, it made me laugh.


Rofl! This movie is a must see. It is very funny and it is also a great flash in all aspects. Hey I hope you make another.

Lol in matter of fact it isnt...PWNED

PWNED that was the best joke i have ever heard...its better than some that i heard...LOL...this movie is PWNED...

As a matter of fact........ it was fantastic!!!

DBZ hate clubs, eat your heart out! I'm not an obsessive DBZ fan, because it's not very popular in Brittain, but this could make even the haters laugh! You've bowled me over with this, so you got a 5 vote and a place on my favourites list. I can't think of another scene like this that you could parody, but it's worth a try!!!

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Jul 1, 2004
3:31 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody