Salad Fingers

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This is my second NEWGROUNDS release. I hope you enjoy it. Keep your mind open


yeah well

I watched it twice and still didn't care for it. Was it supposed to be funny? Scary? Entertaining? It was like a really low budget, twisted, sci-fi horror movie. Blah.


its was funny to me and it weirded me out at the same time, the caracterz looked very good even thought they didn't have much detail. good job, make part 2.

About Keeping Your Mind Open

While I haven't got a clue how this managed to be on the front page and achieve Mr. Fulp's personal approval (pertaining to the character), I do have an open mind and I regret saying to the author, without any significant fanfare or gentleness: this flash outright sucked and deserves a thorough blamming from everyone that sees it.

Of course, I might be jumping the gun. I might be too harsh about a strange guy in this gothic, ruined world, touching spoons to feel the rust on them. Granted, rust, the finer stuff off of old, unkempt spoons, can feel quite gentle and all, it doesn't necessarily constitute a national pastime or a hobby that attracts chicks. Perhaps I'm being shallow, but did you note the Author's Notes and confirm he claims this is his second flash? Yet, I confirmed two submissions in his "Other Submissions" list, so that means three.

A previous reviewer noted this guy might be on crack (or the protagonist), but he can grasp the methods of flash animation while being unable to count the submissions he made. Lacking in professionalism or purpose, this flash doesn't bode well for the man's debut on the front page spotlight....

Non-colourful acid trip.

What the fuck was that. I mean, Allow me to go caress this rusty kettle.

what the hell...?

dude, either, that guy is on crack, or you were while creating this flash...

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4.24 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2004
9:25 AM EDT