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Salad Fingers

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Author Comments

This is my second NEWGROUNDS release. I hope you enjoy it. Keep your mind open


An amazing array of abnormal psychology display

Salad Fingers appears to show multiple classical signs of paranoid schizoform (schizophrenia), sociopathy, multiple personality disorder, and sado-massachistic characteristics. Fingers creates false realities for himself, mostly hallucinatory as we can tell from the vast backgrounds. He believes he can find France and constantly disassociates into different places when upset. As a sociopath he has trouble with social situations, evident when the weird boy took a liking to him, and Fingers could not handle it. He did not like where he was and said he was leaving. Another example of disassociation. He also does not feels no guilt when he kills the catapillar because he does not believe he did anything wrong. His friends are nothing more than alternate personalities of himself, perhaps a defensive mechanism from distant child abuse. More evidence for abuse appears in his gender issues, as he disassociates into a female character named Mable in the last episode. He was most likely sexually abused by his father, and therefore feels shame for his gender, so he escapes into female form with absence of the male characteristics that were abused as a child. Mable also has no eyes, a defensive mechanism; what you can't see can't hurt you. This leads into self mutalation, in which he finds release. He probably believes the abuse was a sign of love from his father, and therefore seeks that comfort in hurting himself in later episodes. He also believes he deserved the abuse he recieved and therefore holds anger at himself and further answers the self-damaging dilemma. His paranoia is evident from his fear of losing his spoons as in the last episode. When fingers does not like the situation he is in, he creates alternate realities where he finds serenidy, an excellent example of schizoform. I will definitely recommend this cartoon to my students.

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very kool

i watched all 5 and they r freaky but in a kool way. Salad Fingers kinda remindes me of Abe from the Oddworld games. just 1 question why call him Salad Fingers??

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great job.

Nice movie, Always liked the salad fingers series and I have to say this is probably one of my favorites.

My First Salad Fingers Experience! :O!

w00 h00 is all I can say. This flash takes the cake for creativness.. I've only watched one "Salad Fingers" flash but I loved it. It takes unusual things to a level of comfort and if you watch closely in the flash you see things that should'nt really happen in real life. Like the picture frame. The calmness of the charecter voice just lets the viewer know how the whole flash will end up.. in a calm manner..

Miloxz Point by Point

-Creative wise I think it rips anal holes.
(still think "Video Dating Tape" was the most creative you've created)
-Animations were spectacular.
-Voices were phenomonal.

Self explanatory , my friend. Excellent Work.

This kicks ass

I just love the creepy shit.... I need a spoon too

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Credits & Info

4.24 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2004
9:25 AM EDT