Super Metroid

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Here it is, my tribute to SNES SUPER METROID, everything drawn by me so enjoy!


Nice to see some Samus Aran

As I said glad to see it but it was a tad dull great detail to the suit and ship but still a little uneventful.. nice try though

Quimera responds:

Well, first episode, it's like an introduction to the character, well thanks!

good stuff

It was ok i liked it but there was not a nuff blood ansd stuff

Quimera responds:

Lol, well there was blood at the beginning, (which actually is my first submission, the metroid trailer) thanks for your point of view, it will be taken into consideration

Nice. I really enjoyed this movie.

Nice attention to detail with the graphics. Some parts of the animation, like the close up of Samus' legs, looked unnatural. Other than those few parts, the animation was very good. The entire movie itself seemed to move a little slowly. I'm hoping the pace will pick up a bit in the next one, as there is quite a bit more to cover. Lastly, make sure you include all the esential bosses. Leaving out less important ones like the plant thing is okay, but don't cut out Kraid or Mother Brain or Ridley.

Quimera responds:

Lol, kraid and ridley rule! they won't be forgotten!

Not bad but.....

it loses points for ending on a bloody TOO BE CONTINUED I HATE THAT!!! otherwise its a good move, pretty silky graphics good sound, violence left a bit too be desired but i got no major gripes on that.

Good movie keep it up!!

Quimera responds:

Thanks, sorry i had to cut it out, the filesize was mocking me!

Nice work!

"ssssuuuccckkkkeeeeddddd July 1, 2004

Reviewed by: Rantax Overall Score: 4

read the first thing i wrote"

Hey rantax you asshole do you ever vote high on good movies!?Seriously either you are blind or just plain dumb.Lets see you submit a flash then,or are you that dumb that you can't download the free trial version.

On the subject of the movie,that was really good!Keep up the good work,hope to see some more of your flashes soon!

Quimera responds:

Lol! thanks for watching out for me! i hate people who just want to vote down stuff!

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3.88 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2004
9:55 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place July 2, 2004