Koopa Strike

June 30, 2004 –
December 19, 2008
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I didn't really want to publish this because of the misleading filesize, but I'm sure most NG users have fast connections, so here it is.


this is uber cool and violante

Graphics: 6/10

but kind of not bad. Well, at least five stars

I thought a Koopa was actually going to kill Mario in the end.

Nice. Lol did luigi just come back to life there? Damn he hax


where did peach's Deagle go any way? she only used 1 of her 7 shots...

mario never wins... and princess peach kicked fucking ass

Didn't like seeing Luigi hurt but he came back and Peach was cool

Alright video, maybe put more of a 'counterstrike theme' into it though.

That was a funny movie. It will be cool if Super Mario Bros. had collide with
Counter-Strike game.I didn't know Mario even had hatred to princees Peach!
I hope make another movie called Koppa Strike or something!


hah he got pretty pissed but thats no way to treat a lady :/ haah oh yeah and mario's awp was indeed a scout (or the scout he was holding did indeed possess the attributes of an awp). either way i lol'd +1 2 u

F U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mario should've won, not Luigi. Mario killed Luigi at the start.

But you used weps from counter strike instead of making your own.
But nice.

I loved this movie! I will not call an itaillian a WOP.

Even though i never played Counter-Strike i could just imagine that is what it's like from the stories i heard,a good amount of killings here and well done sprite animation and it was also funny as hell especially the "FUCK YOU!" by Mario,great job.

now ppl, listen to these two words carefully: You.......Rule....... okay, did u people get all that? his stuff must not be blammed

Good job with the weapons. Those minutes were pretty hilarious, and cool cause I know all of those weapons, just not the names. Good job again.

And the best: peach getting shot. Man I dreamt of that ever since I touched the game Mario party. (forgive me)

thats exactly like counter strike man i luv all the different guns u had in their great flash

i dunno why the last guy gave it a 1.

that ruled!

I haven't played counter strike ever in my life. At first i was upset cuz it looked like Luigi Died.... But of course, Luigi can't go down like that. This made my day.... Besides Luigi being the winner (of course) this was an okay animation.


This is really funny. You should make a second one with Green-Yoshi, Bowser, Lenny, Ludwig, and other characters like that. Please don't think I like violence. The only reason I rated violence witha 10 is because there's a lot of violence.


That was one of the stupidest (funny yet stupidest) things i have ever seen, midly offencive (espically since im Italian), alot of violence and cool sound

2 thing i need to say:

how did lugi come back?

and a Wop is a Dirogtiory term for itaians, much like Drunks are for Irish people

But what the hell is a wop?
Is it some kind of wallet?
Cause From a first glance I think it's a Wallet of princes well that's what my friend says?

I dont have much to say... it was ok.
Oh heres a message for the_plug,
Dear the_plug,
You are a Wop.

Hey, I'm Italian. Yeah, never really call an Italian that, it really does piss some of us off. But, Since it was a joke, it's not so bad. Good animation though. Hoorah! Luigi Won!!

that was so cool and halarious

Fsckin' hysterical! that was so funny when Mario went "FUCK YOU!" and killed PeachXD....but wasn't that Trigun music at the end?
+Akiko, the InuYasha FanGirl++

how could Luigi survive that shot? Oh well, it was in the middle for your score (5/10). I would have given you a 10/10 if you put more characters like Bowser, Koopa, Yoshi, Daisy, or even King Boo!! Yup, it was okay, a bit funny too, make a sequel. (If I knew how flash works I would make something like this). 0_o

I agree with the previous reviewer, it was a bit odd, but it was funny to watch. Especially when mario whiped out an uzi. Adding that Trigun guitar riff at the end was a nice touch. Good Job.

it was a bit... odd. But i like it anyway!

didn't luigi die at the beginning. this was alright.

I Liked the part where Mario Died I mean everyone likes it when Mario dies. Keep up the good work soldier. FUCK YOU!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!

Hehe.. great.. I loved the ending. Keep it up!

well this wasn't as good as your others, the HUGE deficiency of this one are the bad drawn houses or buildings or whatever,just work on your drawings, cause your spriting is awesome.

If you guys are curious on Koopa Strike don't look at aero, look at me. I thought of the name look at the credits. Basically what else could you think of that's a cleverer name for a movie such as this. Hope that answered your questions.

Hehe, that was pretty funny. I liked the rogue peach idea. But, was that noise at the end from Trigun...wierd.

but why do you call it koopa strike?

Koopa Strike is one hell of a flash, very funny keep up the good work!

My question is, how would mario fit everything in his pants? Good job on the flash though, liked the moral

You bastard! You killed Luigi! Great job tho... even though Luigi was fuckin' killed lol. The best part was when Toad was shot when he tried to sneak up on Toadstool. The sound he makes is hilarious. Good job.

I've leard that moral very well know thank you, I had no idea that would happen

this was not funny at all, it in no way made me laugh. i hope its intentions were not to be funny.

That was funny and the moral was the best part. good job.

Really funny shit when they finally kill each other and stuff. Damn that moral was funny :D

i love them so far except the one lugi run or what ever

not bad man its pretty dawm funny but kind of short. i give it 4 out of 5 bitch slap with a t-bag on top!!!!!!!!!

just another bad movie

nothing to say... I just sucked... thats all. I have seen worse but that sucked.

pretty good but i like some of your others better. keep it up though.

The movie was amazing, but I don't think it was that much worth the nearly 5 minute wait. (me having a 56k connection).

By the way, I know what Counterstrike is, but I don't know where to go to play it. :-\ Is it a game u have to buy? An online game u can download? or what?

i loved the moral

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it looks like grand theft auto stuff but its still pretty good

i was laughing my ass off

This is the best flash ever!!! It has everything-mario-counterstrike sfx- and luigi wins!!!! Yes! now Luigi is the dominant one!!! great Trigun ending riff!

Whats with u and mario?

that was pretty kool but did luigi respawn?

u guys r way stupid have u not heard of CS b4? if u dont know what taht stands for ill tell u it stands for CS and thats why there was no plot thats why luigi came back to life and the guns and most of the sounds were from CS so dont gip because u dont even know whats going on assholes..

anyway I loved it.. cs is one of my favs

too much shorts D: doh! keep it up (lol the other guy doesnt know wut cs is ;))

I like it. but what the hell is counter-strike?

truly inspirational. love the gore.

God.... Another damn Counter Strike parody?

Nice. Though I don't see why Mario, Toad, Peach, and Luigi would be blowing the shit out of each other, but w/e. That audio clip of FUCK YOU!! is hilarious... and the caption before was inspiraring. Great job! -goes back to lmao-

I gave 10 to the movie becanse of the trigun song when luigi won!! ^_^

And don't forget: LOVE AND PEACE!!

(It's my favorite anime :P)

the moral..... dont call a Italian a <WOP> or you will get your a$$ blasted if you do....

i wonder if the last guy liked luigi...

finally luigi gets some freakin glory! Mario deserved it for sh*tting on him for so many years

...but how tha fuck did Luigi survive!!?

SPRITES!!!!!!Need more sprites.

I thought it was pretty funny but anyone that plays Counter-Strike noticed that Mario had a scout that sounded like an awp.

The graphics weren't very good, since of the mixes of different types of graphics, but it was funny as hell!

it followed vash the stampede alot, except no good person and graphics sucked because you mixed pixeled characters with a smooth backround and streamlined guns

That was really dumb.


They obviously don't get the point of the movie. Koopa strike, meet counter-strike. Of course there is not plot, its like CS, whats with the guns you ask? They are from CS. Don't give rude comments to this guy if you do not know what is going on because of your lack of brain mass. Good movie I enjoyed it, especially when mario said fuck really loud...

This is shit.It had absolutely no plot at all!Just shoot shoot shoot,and it was short,alot of errors very bad.

i thought lawigie was shot in the haed at the beggining so wtf.

okey ... it was kinda funny but ehmm what whit the guns? any way it was okey

I liked it, it was a nice little movie. Try making or using better background graphics next time.


thers no poitn to them killing each other, and why would the mario cast kill each other? also, how did luigi come back to life?

The Mario people would never kill eachother! Overall, good but but get some other people killin eachother.

ive seen way to much of this mario killing spree thing. You need original characters, and work on your action graphics. But you have potential so keep it up..

Just one question. What in the holy fuck is a WOP?

a bit short, but that is a good moral.

funny good only.....short

funny with that mario says:FUCK YOU! picks his mac and shoots her dead! omfg this isssssss good

For a sprite movie, the action itself's not that bad. There just wasn't enough people to shoot, however. Just Luigi, Toad, Peach, and Mario? This kinda makes your title misleading as it has nothing to do with Bowser and the Koopas. And no music, even? Though I'm well aware that CS (which it doesn't correctly imitate, as CS was never a free-for-all deathmatch) has no music, it really downplays on the lack of shooting action.

If this movie had more action, and with a more detailed backdrop, this'd score a lot more points.

Its a new twist to Mario. Great Job

yo dude, hit me up on msn or aim or something. I'm working on Part 2 to a flash I did. I gut some question for yeah. Check out 1up in my flash movies. Tell me if you wanna help?

The graphics are alright, but basically it was just Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad killing each other. Luigi's little head boogie thing at the end was a little funny (the "moral" at the end was OK too), but that was all. This is just fanservice for the blood-loving Newgrounds users.

tell me did you get the idea from a show called Trigun.

I agree with PicPocket. Why did Luigi win if he already died? Um. . .is he a zombie? LOL. This film was executed nicely. The sprites were animated fairly well, and the sound effects were appropriate. Sound quality seemed to be decent as well. It's just that it wasn't all that interesting. We've seen this a thousand times already. Gun battles, Mario, and now a mix of both. Nice effort though.

well its pretty good but why did luigi win we seen him die

Nothing to great here, but it was an alright movie. Sound got a little higher though because you used Trigun music.

and at least you didn't insta-kill Mario god. (watch some other gun movies) but great job with this great cartoon.


Gorddamnit's review was completely ignorant, apparently he has no idea how hard it is to make an okay flash animation no less make one with sprites so flawlessly.

One day these bitchy ppl will realise the talent it takes, and besides the hard effort... the animation was just fun to watch.. great job its five by me :P

Can someone say VGDC ripoff? another lame excuse for a Mario with extra violence

well this suck you use cs weapon in this and that bad cause cs is good and you are not

im ashamed of this work...making mario look so bad...jus awful.

so a wop. Ah thanks for the warning. it should have been tricky the clown killing mario. oops did I screw the ending.

Very good and well done!

great little flash, i espically liked the sound of toad dying, that was awesome !

Haha, found it to be pretty amusing. I'm so glad Peach was killed off.
The whole thing sorta reminded me of Socom.
I was surprised that Yoshi wasn't in on the kill fest.

This movie was hilarious and extremely violent for no reason 2 plusses.

lol that thing is hillarious nice job man

All he did was get shot, like the little weiner he is! lol That was radical! Even though I don't see how Luigi came back to life... lol, oh well. I liked the part when Mario jumped down in slow motion and kicked Peach! ;)

A lot of those sounds sounded like they were from CS. Good Job! Luigi will pwn all your asses. Good work.

Mario Folks kicking each other asses! Hooray!

it was pretty good, and i liked it alot cause im a cs geek but when the scout fires it doesnt sound like that i think the sound was more like an awp and how come luigi came back at the end? i though mario killed him in the beginning....o well it was a good movie keep up the good work!

but where were the Koopas?

And thanks Alterego for putting me in the credits. I am Subcon. If no one believes me then go here. http://visualanimations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=95

Refreshingly different i might add, all this cutie cutie mario jokes shit is getting old. we needed some good old kingdom shoot ups! nice one

Good Film. Good idea. Good phrase at the end

But, take it from a Greek, the word is WOG not WOP!

I loved the sounds of the old mario put into this flash, the humor was great, the twists and the turns in this flash were also great. The hole flash film was just great. keep up the great work

Nice Job

wierd but cool

Its not bad... its not good... its just what it is i souppose. Doesnt need to be blam-ed, but it deserved the score it got from me, 3, nothing to new or interesting.

nice retro graphics and real mario sounds nice job 5R :)

yet sweet! good job

Good movie...you compress the file size though. I thought it was very well done, and the "Fuck You" part was hillarious.

At some points the sprite movement was bad, but every thing else was funny, and the Fuck You part was Very funny

really good, a little short but still very good! I always think about the FUCKYOU part lol, do funny, like the mario head that moves lol, keep up the job!

i liked your movie but using the mario sprites for fighting is kinda getting old....

other than that your movie was great. it had great animations and ok sounds.


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