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Street Fight (VGE)

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Author Comments

Alex (from River City Ransom) squares off againest himself! This is just a plain ol fight. No story or anything. Anyway, I'm still praticing with zoom ins in flash etc etc, this movie proves it! Not very long, but enjoy anyway! :)

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I did not care for this. I guess I'm not that familiar with River City Ransom. I'm more into Double Dragon, so that ending was pretty cool. Then it was weird with how Mario appeared. How are they in the same genre? These songs have been used too many times before.

The sprite work was nothing interesting. There's just nothing that makes it stand out. I can appreciate how I rarely see cartoons with all these characters. I guess the length wasn't bad. It was just bland for me.


One of the best Sprite Fights ive seen! The background music was great and yes Mario and Billy Lee in the end added the humor needed to make this great!!

Good job

Job well done, I like how you put this all together with great humor as well. Everything was good, but poor choice in song.


kool the grapics were not good
it was funny at the and when dragon chops hes head off and he says dragon better than this fag and then mario
comes in and kills him and he said think again bitch


It wasn't anything great but it was a little something decent,you did the zooming good but the fight was just long,drawn out and pretty boring,when Billy from Double Dragon and Mario came in at the end it was pretty funny.