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larry is bigfoot!! not an ape!
well, me and my friend mike orignally came up with larry when we were watching the blare witch. (explained it ep. 1) so we decided to do a toon for it. so far, larry has his own merchandise and 1 album entitled Larry Juice. now, he has his own show. enjoy..

P.S. i sped up the frame rate because it usually slows down when i send my toons in.



not bad, but too short.

a preview...

Or atleast i think that was a preview, it didn't really explain much but who you were..wats the story about. Hopefully when/if you make the actually movie then it will be...interesting..till then i'll just wait.

okay, you're making a new series

I'm not saying this to be mean, just conscructive
1.) Get a new microphone, it sounds fuzzy when you talk and in the background.
2.)Uhh... You used bigfoot from family guy? You have to draw your own characters.

Stevemyster responds:

thats the only thing thats not original from our show. larrys actually look. but wat can i say? how else wud he look? good to see a FG fan here and there. thnx for the review.

It's ok.

It's pretty good for an intro into a series, but it is a little short for that.

Nice job....

That was good it was also a good way of building a series. If you make any larry the Gorrila series I will be sure to watch

Stevemyster responds:

hey thnx a bunch, and i dont wanna sound like a jerk for saying this, but larry is bigfoot. ill explain all in ep. 1

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Jun 28, 2004
6:40 PM EDT
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