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The Godson

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It's not very good yo!

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I couldnt even finish it.....it was ok but it needs work.

awfullllllll :(

the godson was short and not good at all. and wouldint there be bodygaurds there to protect the god father

needs alot of work

Ok so first of all, the dialogue needs serious work. That and you probably should have done some research on the customs because the main character should have shown his respects first of all then answered the Don's questions. also he just waltzed in there wouldnt a big time mafia boss especially an older gentleman have a few bodyguards? at least have the main character escorted in. He probably wouldnt have gotten very far into that room with that hand cannon sticking out his backside either. It would have been nice to hear some mob slang in there too.

Very good...

This toon I watched because I like your work and I have a hreat fondness for the Godfather. I think that maybe some of the language like the work 'dick' a high class Don probably wouldn't use but maybe I'm just loopy tonight. Great story line though! Good animation to. It be awsome if you made a series...


To be honest, I would have to agree with the reviewer previously on most points. Not just from reading the reviews, but watching the film made me realise that this was quite a loose, disappointing tribute to The Godfather trilogy. The reviewer previously was certainly right on one thing... And that is, that you cannot become the Don by killing the actual Don at that time. I think though, if this was not based or as a tribute to the Godfather and perhaps was another crime flash based around a related storyline, I think it would have made a very good animation. Thats just my opinion. You have to expect criticism when you base a movie near the Godfather.. As there are many Godfather fans out there, this will be the kind of thing you might here from them. But, I'll say, I can respect you for having the balls to make a movie like this. Lol, because there sure are alot of judgmental and critical people when it comes to films based on original classics.

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4.08 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2004
10:15 AM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place June 29, 2004