ww2 flight stick<2>

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!!!forgot where the music if frome!!!

!!!sorry bout the file size!!!

Ok ok heres part 2 and again i need some ideas for part 3.

i want make part 3 much better please enjoy ;)


Not bad...

Good animation...I liked that. Make another one... I think it will be better!!!
Keep up good the work!

not bad!

please read the review of part one.the flak firing rate is incorrect grenade flakĀ“s do fire with about 2 shots per second.good movie.whats the gun at the end?a luger or a mauser?

decent enough

it was pretty good but there could be improvemt i cant criticize u it was good and very nice flame and flak effects im hoping the sequls will be improved thanks for makein this cool little flash :)

Not bad at all!

Contrary to the idiot who posted a review before me, a plane CAN lose a propeller with one bullet... particularly when that bullet comes from an Anti Aircraft Cannon, which fires rounds as big around as the human head, so I reccommend that moron do a little research before he opens his mouth again. That idiot aside, this movei was fairly decent, My advice to you is make them longer, and give them a little more body, because in this one, I really didn't even know what the hell was going on. Still, do another one!


Hahaha, That sucked harsh, no plane gets hit by one bullet and loses it's propeller, Stop with the War animations.

cheaterx51 responds:

ehm no if i sucked at it i wouldnt get a good score so stfu dumbass and learn some flash

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2.55 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2004
4:54 PM EDT
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