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This is a little commercial I did for a stock market site awhile ago. It isn't the best but it is good for a few laughs. Let me know whatcha think! Enjoy!



Yep thats how it is

Exactly You got it!!Tehe^_^
Thats so funny Halairiuos man realy it funny

Cool, that was entertaining and good for a laugh

I realy liked the guys gotee in the end. It was cool.

Not bad Not bad at all

I cant belive a stock company would use that but yet I can see it bain used great work

mchawking responds:

thanks bro! They are going to use it amongst friends and stuff... Not like a massive public thing where women and children are involved.... I am thinking of doing a directors cut so stay tuned.


Interesting little movie. Surprises me that a stock market firm would accept an ad with an attempted suicide, but whatever.

However, the whole movie didn't work for me. It got stuck in a loop after "one year later"


mchawking responds:

I would agree... that suicide part wasn't in it to begin with but it was their idea... I guess the customer is always right. As far as the looping it's prob just your computer, there is a big graphic right after the "One Year Later" part. Thanks for the review man!


This is just spam man.
Go sell your business on Google. Newgrounds fans are not interested.

mchawking responds:

It's not spam dude, I could give a fuck less about the company it's for... I just spent awhile making this so I figured a few people might as well see it.

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Jun 25, 2004
2:04 PM EDT
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