Nerd hunter short

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This is a little cartoon with not really a BIG punchline but i like it...




Nicely done, it is sometimes hard to do a short flash because you only give yourself a few seconds to be able to setup and deliver the joke and then you have the worry of if it is funny enough but luckily for you it is and i loved the message at the end with the replay button. This was a well constructed short and i liked the characters you used, they were both really well drawn and animated. Voice over work was also well done. Overall a good short.


My charles darwin I hate you.

This sucks.Stop insulting the nerds you jackass or Chuck norris is gonna roundhouse kick you in the face.

i hate nerds too

they always fuck up our football games. that last reviewer is feeling rather offended by your attack on his kind.He calls you a nerd ? how are you the nerd?

Too short

It would be better if you had more to this. Makybe have more nerds killed. Since there is so littel here the character momevement is ok, the animation on the mouth could be better. The violence was lacking, too little of it.
This would make a good idea for a game.

HAHA Pretty Dang Funny

Thats Sweet n Short and the guy trying to tell you how to change the flash is a nerd lol. Anyway overall that rocked!

"why would he sit in a nerd bar?"
"To Hunt Nerds"

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2.21 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2004
4:08 AM EDT
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