Perpetual Animotion

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Quite simply because I wanted to. I've always been fascinated by machines and contraptions. This animation is just an experiment to see what happens when you throw a bunch of tiny people into a machine...

*edit* Changed some things. Added music.


#2 - Rube Goldberg would be proud...

This is a very fancy peice of animation. It just shows how much work you've put into it. It is exceptionally smooth and well done. The backing sound's good as well.

Shame there's no way you can get the user to interact with it. If you could pull THAT off (like zooming into certain parts of the machine, pausing it, something cute like that) then I'd say it was fanastic.

Make more of these (if you want of course)

more complicated.
I like the living look of this dead world.

Good job!

You've discovered the logistics of perpetual motion. Nice experiment.

simply amazing...

extravagant? precisely. that is truly amazing. There should be more of this sort of thing on NG. this really is a great work of art... a masterpiece if you will...
although it isnt the most perplexing thing to think of, nor probably the hardest thing to make... but it is simplistic, well created and truly great to watch. i have really enjoyed watching the fabulous little loop, and i strongly recommend you to continue to make stuff like this, it was fantastic.
overall score: 8/10

really cool! made me smile

it kind of reminded me of those perpetual marble sculptures you sometimes see. i love those and could watch those for hours. i feel the same way about your animation! really cool!

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2.55 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2004
8:59 PM EDT