Newgrounds Gets Hacked!

June 24, 2004 –
December 19, 2008
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Author Comments

If the colors look really wierd, I apologize. My monitor was very fucked up when I made this. (It probably still is.) I think my drawing of Tom was somewhat accurate, considering I don't have a tablet. And some people might think Tom looks high. Well, he's not. He is just tired.


that at sun of bitch got pwned thats wat u get u fat asshole

dont mess with newgrounds

good message too....animation was a bit simple

Notbad at all this was good nice flash could use more content it gave me a few laughs though, just add abit more next time, anyways keep up the good work.

Decent and funny stuff here


a bit short but funny and random for sure! :)

Never mess with newgrounds! Otherwise you will get your head cut off by a random ninja that doesn't even know who you are

Haha, great movie and I loved the incredibly random ending.


The moral?

Don't mess with Newgrounds, or you'll get your head cut off my some random ninja out of nowhere!

=3 Yay!

that ending was crazy... i did not see it coming lol

That was very good indeed I just didn't like ending it didn't fit here in movie like this
With better ending I would have rated 9-10

Thats very intresting...i reckon you need to make a sequel. maybe a bit longer..that was very intresting O.O

through aim is bound to be a nerd...

that theme you played at the end kinda reminded me of the sonic adventure 2 theme, dunno why, great movie, IF YOU MESS WITH NEWGROUNDS A NINJA WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND DECAPITATE YOU!!! Laughing-My-Ass-Off

Damn I never knew newgrounds could get hacked. Nice job. Great moral.

thats the greatest moral of a story ever on newgrounds. i like hacker stories. good job

Anyone who doesn't like it is retarded. So fucking awesome.

its alright... a bit funny.... but with a good moral at the end... lol

Ninjas come to your house if you hack Newgrounds. Haha. Silly haxors.

The perfect anti hacker software! Ninja 3.0!

now thats a cool anti hacking soluution!

What!? The guy found a way to hack Newgrounds!?

Fulp could've pulled the plug on his comp.

My friend said hes the hacker, (he's 12) and when he saw this he was pissed. He told me that he uploaded a virus in one of his flash videos and shut down newgrounds for a month. Did this actually happen?

Thought it was pretty good... the graphics were cool, the violence was awesome, the sound fitted... thought it was a little funney because of the big fat geek being in the movie, and then he gets kill.... Mwhahaha! :P

Why didn't he just turn the computer off? It'd stop that bloke from getting the passwords, right?

it good but the stupid thing is why would he click connect? thats just stupid

as they said don't f*ck with new grounds... or else...

good thing i have nothing against newgrounds....

Anyway the grafix were good and everything, good job

yup its a lesson for us ;)

i think thats a lesson to us all

I disagree, the ninga (wtf keybord is messing me up) should be a mob of angry paintballers w/ wallmart paint (you know the shit that dosen't break)!!!!!

That would teach people not to mess with Tom fulp!!!...

O Yeah neva mess wit NG sucka.

Score one for teh Shinobi!!!
++Akiko teh InuYasha FanGirl++

Nice one dude, and the truth for that fact.... I knew that pimply faced bastard :((... Keep it up with the short funnies :D!! (Tom not high, sureeee :-P )

that rocked man after watching this, i'll never try to hack newgrounds lol

OMG that was funny....

i love the last night "watch out for the ninjas!" Great animation and great sounds. Very well done

Lol! thats a nice concept! Newground gets hacked!!

Very Very good

nuff said lol nice work

It was cool

Damn is so much fun. I laughed my ass of. Don't know if I have to laugh hard or be scared of it lol :P

that left a good taste in my mouth
...don't ask why hehe
That was real original
super kudos

lol awesome movie. That should scare those people who DON'T have the password!! *holds up disk* AHAHAHAHA *ninja-proofs house*

....? How did a large blue bludgeon-wielding elephant get in my house...

Everyone knows that the super secret password for Newgrounds is-*nobody ever hears from g4oooombaaaa again*

great the stuiped fat ass could not hack to newgrounds for the SUPER SECRET PASSWORD NG rules

SUPERSECRETNGPASSWORD! HOLY CRAP! *looks around to check for ninjas* lol good and simple and funny... and cooly and yeah

The idea is simple which is what makes it humorous. Of course the idea of Newgrounds getting hacked is sought by many achieved by none.

OK, this might seem weird, but to me Tom looks like Shaggy to me, you know from Scooby-Doo.

Thats So True!

The moral of this story is... : Never screw with newgrounds!

Roxxorz your Boxxorz!!!!

This is one of your better flash entries. What else can i say?

that was great

that was pretty good.

People who use that type of faggish 1337 talk deserve to die, /\/\ 3 []D 3 |2 5 0 /|/ /-\ |_ |_ y Like that kind (me personally) symbols and numbers

H4x0rz deserve to die by Ninja Gaiden and Tenchu ways Buwhahahahaha

Yep, ninja's always CLEAN their swords after every kill

Ninjas always CLEAN their sword after kill
Rlly cool

ya secret ninjas are gay

I liked it. Nothing flashy, just to the point.

Don't mess with newgrounds, If you get banned, TOO FREAKN' WELL. you follow the rules, you break em, penulty, and maybe you'll see a ninja in your house.

If you are making a series of this wit the ninjas and all of that
1:Dont Forget The Shrunkiens(Or what their called)
2:Then for The Head to Roll

this one was better than "Luigi gets caught", but still, wasn't that good.

That was funny. Too bad the nerd didn't get his revenge. And yes if you hack newgrounds a ninja will come to your house and kill you.

It was short simple and to the point. Keep them comin

tat was teh aw350m3 dooooooooood, y00 0wnz d15!!!!!!!111111111

That was not that bad, not great mind you, but not bad! Wonder where the ninja is now.....

I liked it.Great graphiqs but y didnt u extended it. Lol.it could make a serie

Most Ratings I do, I rate Really Bad, this one was acctually pretty good though. Nice Job

poor fat boy. He should of ate a twinkie instead of pissing off Tom

that was good.


this was very funny especially the NERD lol.

Mmmmmmetallica!!!! w00t:)

Well, I'll certainly never hack newgrounds.

so thats what became of the guy who changed those account names and the PW was "cookie"

I liked it. go shadow-net ninjas ^_____^

That was a good and decent movie but good job.

I now have second thoughts about ever hacking into Newgrounds. LOL!

As much as I love Ninjas decapitating people, it was Tom's fight! How he could have possibly done anything in the mere seconds he had left, I don't know...but....oh screw it >_<

Thats cool, I thought the hacker would get his revenge, luckly ninja killed him.

That was good one, nice work dude.

Nice job! I need one of those nijas for my website incase it gets hacked :P

Ninjas are kool! Where can I get a ninja like that?

This movie is awesome. Keep up the good work, man. You have my 5. ^-^

haha, i good flash indeed.
and thank Tom, everyone, for all his hard work! haha. that was very funny mate, good graphics, great sound effects, and the whole concept was good. nice work
overall score: 8/10

I read your BBS post about making a series about this, so I say go for it, this looks very promising. Only complaint though is that Tom didn't really look like Tom.
Anyways, make a series out of this, this could be good.

This is cool but it be cooled if the ninja was like...wade or sumthing...that would have made the movie a little more better than better can be...or w/e the heck that means...

I like! Ninja will flip out and kill you! www.realultimatepower.net ...That is a parody! Don't get so mad. Yeah...But for hackers ...That's what a firewall is for. I liked it.

...randomly drawn characters doing something that patronizes NG for kicks?

Mouse Error...U aint getting any cheesier than that!

Seriously, it was funny.

WM [:{}]

mouse error lol..

and so did this. good work!!!!!!

You had such lame artwork... but you made me crack a smile. This is a pretty funny flash.

awesome movie. all it needs is a higher score, and i'll help you out with that.


I never knew that Newgrounds had connections to al Qaida. We must invade!

Tell those gay ass hackers off man!


It was funny when it made that sound to the computer when the hackers window was up. Nice work.

pretty funny with the ninja and the hacker and the other stuff. And the newgrounds. Moral of story: Ninjas are cool. And can kill u with their pinkeys.

Text bubbles are so 2002. But really, it would of been a better idea to have a voice over or something. The idea is simple, a hacker is messing with Tom, what to do, what to do? The animation really needs some improvements, there was hardly any movements in the movie by the characters. It is a neat idea, that if done better next time, could be a really fun movie. Why did you try and play Tom off as dumb. He is not!


But first of all, any important things about newgrounds would most likely be contained in the server, not a personal computer. Even so, if it was on Tom's personal computer he could have just shut it off. Case closed.

very funny hahahahahaha.........hahaha

This rocks. Good job. And the message is clear.

good job ! i loved it ! ++

That was great. I especially like the end song. Keep up the good work.

Very Funny! Not the best graphics or animation on newgrounds, but it is definetly good.

have just shut off the comp..........BUT MAYBE IT WOULDN'T WORK OMFG, awesome flash man

slash slash, yeah, killing fat retarded kids with glasses....

yea i bet theres a ninja out there killing NG HAX0RZ

Noone fucking messes with Newgrounds! lol Hilarious!

yeah that'll show them bastards to mess with newgrounds...heheheh... :¬)

The AIM scene was acutally pretty freaky, like a horror movie or sometin (hint hint). the whole ninja thing was pretty hilarious once u think about it...but the message isn't just don't try to take over newgrounds....dont be a Newgrounds Geek

dude dat was awsome it wud haf been better if it was longer and da sound kickd ass lol dude ur logo is like the metallica sign lol is dat toms real sn?


A lesson well worth learning.


that was pretty good, that ninja was totally me

Ninjas kick ass dude and you proved it in this flash! Go Ninjas!

Very cool, I liked it! :) Infact I think you should make a sequel to this, with a bigger premise. The hacker could get farther in his scheme. Anyways, good job.

But I didnt get what the ninja was all about.

kelv was right give back mi time it sucks

that's a great game.thank you for your hard work.I liked the song in the menu what's it called?

Not too shabby, not that interesting either.

Haha, cool movie. Good job

FUKCING COOL COOL COOL,i seem to be reapeting me self.

:/ gimme back my time , wasted time watching this

nice job. very original. i loved the ninja thing, it was so random and it tasted like peanut butter. But really, good job.

Good stuff there! I laughed very hard at dudes head dripping blood. And the don't mess with NG or a ninja will decapitate you, that's classic. Keep it up!

That's was pretty good can't wait 4 anothe one

This kicked ass, you wern't "Making fun on NG" how the hell would that be making fun of NG?

One suggestion, you should make the ninja type "The deed is done" after he cancles.. that'd be awesome.

That was so stupid and funny. By the way, why didn't Tom just shut down the computer? Or disconnect the internet by unplugging it?

if you were making fun of NG then you suck, don't you know that you are using ther website? they can get you for this if they wanted to.

this was great, though the ending was unexpected, it made me like it more...in a non-homosexual way.

yay ninjas!

wtf who the fuck is the ninja??? $Nice$ who was the fat nerd based on.

Very nice and funny movie. The graphics could be brighter but maybe it is just my old monitor. And one question for the end: Why the hell did you kill StrawberryClock ?! XD Keep up the good work.

nice work man

Nice. I like the short flashes. YOU WIN.

How do I ninja here?

great flash, slaughtered that ffg (Fat Freckly Gamer)

Short, but a pretty good movies. LOL ninjas

I know a few hackers and a few people who crack passwords too and I personly have watched my computer being hcaked in front of me. that is the best way to treat unruly hackers.

That's pretty funny.

realy funny, make more

Cool movie!! i like movies about newgrounds and tom. That was great, but no ninja can get through my home.


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