Little Fighter Alpha Ch.5

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*Update* Thanks again everyone for the daily 1st award!
MaxR: In this chapter I've included extra stuff so I hope you enjoy it. I'll respond to all your reviews. If you made a good song in the song game, type the codes in ur review. I can't wait to hear yours <]:O)
AnzRage: I think we've came a long way to get to where we are today. We've gotten alot of support from our fans. This is the 3rd episode working with the team. I've enjoyed every minute of it. We're all taking a month break after this movie. I gotta finish up summer school, and MaxR, and Gooffy are going out of the country. We will all return about the same time to finish chapter 6. Thanks.
Gooffy621: We worked really hard on this. Go to our site and join in the fun by posting in our forum.


dude this is sooo kick ass man!!!

I wouldv'e givin you all 10 but, they would think I'm just doing it, I think that everything deserve 10....0 but yeah! it's so awesome, I like it how they look like spries and stuff, by this time it's getting to the dude with the cane/stick and he just summoned batz that's soo awesome and I love how you do his special atack his eyes so kick ass!!! and omfg did he just kick his ass with them!? WHOALY SHIT MAN OMFG THIS IS SOO KICK ASS MAN!! SO KICK ASS! MAKE MORE MAKE MORE!!! HELL YEAH HELL YEAH HELLLLL YEAAHHHH!!!!!!!! oh yeah, how do I play that flute thing, make up my own stuff? any special codes to make it sound good? you know like click here then there then here etc. etc.! kick ass man you guys kick ass!!!

MaxR responds:

lol wow. The thing in John's hand is a wand, you know like a wizard. And no, he didn't summon the bats, Bat did (get it? Bat summons bats) If you played the game you would understand more. And yes I will make more.



Very Nice

Once again a great job but i think you should have either firen or freeze join their side!

Awesome choice of music!!!

Great work overall, but I found a mistake in the credits, I don't think hardcore FF fans will be pleased because you wrote FF VII: Dollet landing. It's FF VIII. Anyways, keep up thr good work.

MaxR responds:

Ahaha, woops, lemme fix that.

u are so good at this

dude this one was awesome as all ways and nice music too :) :) :)

MaxR responds:

Thank you! I appreciate your comment!

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Jun 23, 2004
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