Little Fighter Alpha Ch.5

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*Update* Thanks again everyone for the daily 1st award!
MaxR: In this chapter I've included extra stuff so I hope you enjoy it. I'll respond to all your reviews. If you made a good song in the song game, type the codes in ur review. I can't wait to hear yours <]:O)
AnzRage: I think we've came a long way to get to where we are today. We've gotten alot of support from our fans. This is the 3rd episode working with the team. I've enjoyed every minute of it. We're all taking a month break after this movie. I gotta finish up summer school, and MaxR, and Gooffy are going out of the country. We will all return about the same time to finish chapter 6. Thanks.
Gooffy621: We worked really hard on this. Go to our site and join in the fun by posting in our forum.


nice job.

ive seen all 5 so far and i have to say i really like what i see so far. the only problem i hav with it is its a bit to short for me, but other then that its great. keep it up guys.

MaxR responds:

Well, sprites fighting takes a lot of time to make, like a person would already make 12 punches in a second!

I don't understand the point.

What was the point in those little sprite characters? It's like you're meant to choose one, but you can't. Also, I think anzrage really needs to get a life. If I were you MaxR, i'd take anzrage's name off the co-author thing, because the success is getting to his head. Period.

So, I didn't understand this, but it looked like it was probably fun.

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MaxR responds:

It looks like you hate AnzRage, hmmph. I think you should have watched the previous chapters to get this one.

Too long

My grandma is not as old as this is long and she is 97!:(

MaxR responds:

It was.. too long? And people thought it was too short. Wait, wait, I think you meant it was too long to load for your computer, yeah that's it.

You make John too powerful.......

In the LF2 he's just an asshat, heh. But in this movie you make him powerful, meh works good for me. Man, in the next one you should make Julian appear out of nowhere and soul bomb everyone. Man, that would be kickass (yet anti climatic LOLOLOL). Ahhhh where was I? Oh yeah, good flash.

MaxR responds:

Incase you didn't check the links or the credits, Im also reflecting John's powers from R-LF2, its like an expansion of LF2. Check it out, there's a link in my movie.

pretty good

well done, keep up the good work your fighting sceens are awsome. rly enjoyed it

MaxR responds:

So your 1st review is this movie hmm? Welcome to NG.

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Jun 23, 2004
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