Pokemon All Your Base

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Special thanks to Tom for putting this in the AYB Collection!

While I know that the All Your Base craze has been around for some time, I discovered that there has never been a spin-off of the original movie that uses Pokémon, so I decided to create one myself. This movie uses the same music and keeps to the same general style of the movie made by Bad_CRC, only there are obviously quite a few differences in the visuals. With that said, enjoy the movie.




this sucks so bad that if i said what i was going to say i would get banned

RazorHawk responds:

Yeah, I know its old, but I still think it was good for its time. Heck, considering it was my VERY first Flash, I think I did pretty well.

Hopefully you'll find my other stuff more appealing.


ok honestly... First of all its Pokemon... Second, its the same old crapy music... like wtf is so good about this ALL YOUR BASE BELONGS TO US... like wtf? sounds like a 2 year old with really bad grammer made that up... The whole BASE serious should be shot and no one should ever speak of it again..

what a piece of crap

RazorHawk responds:

First off, it's meant to be funny, and second, the original Zero Wing game had such poor translation from Japanese to English that when it was finally brought to light, people could get a good laugh from it. I guess you failed to realize that.


Ok look....

The main reason I liked the original AYB was that the photoshopping was done in a clever and semi-realistic way.

The wheel of fortune board..
The matrix display...
The budweiser girls and sign... etc.

In this "Pokemon AYB", half the images look like someone pulled up microsoft paint and just typed a couple of words on top of the image...

Which is cheap photoshopping on a bad day...



RazorHawk responds:

Consider the fact that Pokemon does not have Wheel of Fortune boards, Matrix displays, or anything of that nature. Consider the fact that Bad_CRC had 15 other people helping him with the images (Check the credits at the end of the original).

uhhh NO!

this P.O.S proves that your seed needs to be wiped off the earth you have no talent so you use others ideas ie: pokemon and all your base which are both fads (in contradiction to your popular destroy all fads thing which now also has become a fad) so congradulations on your success with others material be it copied or dissed but if you cant find somthing original to do please go die=) Thank You

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3.52 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2004
10:18 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody