Pokemon All Your Base

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Special thanks to Tom for putting this in the AYB Collection!

While I know that the All Your Base craze has been around for some time, I discovered that there has never been a spin-off of the original movie that uses Pokémon, so I decided to create one myself. This movie uses the same music and keeps to the same general style of the movie made by Bad_CRC, only there are obviously quite a few differences in the visuals. With that said, enjoy the movie.


Im not feeling it

I gave it a 3 since you did a good job with the pics but this all your base is getting old. Plus its supposed to be funnny and damn your a poke freak how long did you spend getting every poster game etc. Anyway the guy below me is right not funny same damn thing boo on you.


2 old fads put together do not make something good. maybe if you had dome it a few years ago, when it was still sort of original...

ummmm ok

i think u could of done better......maybe

RazorHawk responds:

Then give it your best shot and I'd love to see how well you do.


That was pretty funny. I like it when the pokemon game screen showed the all your base song thing was showing. It was funny though.


Tail: Okay, guys. We've gotta destroy this menace... We've tried pokemon, FF Team and Sonic Characters. Non of them worked alone. Let's put 'em together!!
Pikachu: Pika pika... Translation: How the fuck?!
Pichu: Pi, pichu pi pi. Translation: What he said.
Black Mage: Hm. I knew I shouldn't have used my big spells...
Fighter: You called me a moron!
Black Mage: i know.
Tail: SHUT UPPP!!! I'm the only sonic character who hasn't become a fan-kid. So, let's kick AYB ass!!! Pokemon, distract them and when Pikachu gives the signal, FF Team will be deployed and AYB shall die.
Pikachu: pika! Pi pi pikaaa!!! Translation: Then will we reign and be re-known again as the most funny and annoying characters on the web!!!
All: YAY!!!!
If you even found that funny, thanks. If not, FUCK YOU! AYB is now known to me as a very annoying thing.

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3.52 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2004
10:18 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody