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Ninja Pals!

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weeeeeee! I hope all yous like ninja pals! I'm gonna try and make weekly episodes. Mad hollaaaaaaa to tom and his bro and whoever else that keeps newgrounds so pretty for my eyes to sip. Also! listen for the drums in this cartoon. I got a yamaha drum set. My beats are kinka whack at this point but I been beating the piss out of them for a week now so the beats will be better in episode two.



Sorry man but that sucked balls, the only part I found slightly funny was the part where she gets killed.

a piece of shit

Stupid, kiddy, nerd humor, its fucking stupid, its just violence with no humor, its a stupid kid with a gay voice, killing an old chinese woman, what the fuck is funny about this? Get a life you fucking nerd.

Funny as hell....

Great movie, i love how u make the people look retarded when they r talking or close up, XD. cant wait to see next 1 !


That was pretty good i cant wait to see the next episodes

i dont get it

whats this all bout. no plot what so ever. no humor. u failed miserbly. the only good thing you did was the graphics. why is this on the front page.i think NG's is getting desperate.

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3.27 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2004
1:33 PM EDT
Comedy - Original