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Zombie shooter 2.0

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This is version 2.0 of my zombie shooter. Kill as many zombies as you can in 30 seconds, shoot off their limbs and head and torso. The max score you can get is 40 so if you beat that you've beaten the game but it's difficult to get up to 40.

This is my second shooter, I wanted to do a simplistic zombie shooter where you have to kill as many as possible in 30 seconds.




A few problems to fix:

Scorebox stops at 40.
Limbs are very hard to shoot at.
When you press replay the previous score you had stays. If you wan that to happen have the button say continue. If you don't want that to happen set up a variable.

Good Job for..

The zombies looked like stuffed plush dolls.


I liked that character design for the zombies they had a sort of cute feel too them, heh. There were afew times that i could have sworn that i had shot the limb and had gotten nothing for it. I ended up getting quite a lame score of 40 though. Shooting the same zombie in various locations on there bodies helps boost the score alot though, i liked that feature and it also caters for those more advanced players. Heaps of quick firing fun.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)


nothing after all that work should add more levels or music

i gave humor a 6 because on one tomestone it says.

her lies homeslice that cool

This game is ok...

This is a good game but it's just that there are so many zombie shooting games on Newgrounds.But I yhink there should be more levels,guns,and enemys,Try and make you'r game like Bleed or Aevil!Although I think the graphics and sound were pretty good,But there are so many other shooters out there.Overall a 5

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2.83 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2004
7:53 AM EDT
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