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For those who’ve been asking, this is all that exists of this project. We tried making the full 17+ minute movie, but life got in the way. The terrorists have won…

Oh wait, it has nothing to do with them at all (though I still get hate mail from this trailer). Silly me, I’ve moved away, as has other members of our group. This production is in pieces. I’ve toyed with the idea of sewing said pieces together, but it’s unlikely.

“I don't believe in magic. I don't believe in I-ching. I don't believe in Bible. I don't believe in Tarot. I don't believe in Hitler. I don't believe in Jesus. I don't believe in Kennedy. I don't believe in Buddha. I don't believe in Mantra. I don't believe in Gita. I don't believe in Yoga. I don't believe in Kings. I don't believe in Elvis. I don't believe in Zimmerman. I don't believe in Beatles. I just believe in me...and that reality… The dream is over.” – Lennon

How’s that for drama, ay? :P


The music was kind of annoying.

How delightfully controversial! Surely some muslim extremist has gotten to you before you'll read this review (because if some stick figures in Holland can inspire riots, imagine what THIS can do), but still, great work.


Well I have to say, after viewing this flash...I am astonished....of HOW I COULDN'T OF SEEN THIS SOONER!!! That was hilarious. Oh, as for Kris-Kringle, thanks for stealing my spotlight, I was just going to explain all of that, but no need for me to be redundant, but you explained it very well..this world needs laughter! Oh, Rimsta897 what you are doing isn't peace either, why do you have to take this so seriously?! Don't bash on Muslims, people like you who discriminate others are preservers of peace, so shut the hell up you stupid ignorant moron. Anyway, great flash.

Would everyone...

...shut the fuck up and laugh for once? Seriously, it's okay to laugh. You wont be struck by lightning, or be incinerated in your sleep. You wont be impaled with a trident on your way to work or be pulled to Heaven by Jesus and be pounded in the head. The same goes for Muslims.

This video shows no hate for one religion towards another, it shows no anger towards any religion. It's a fucking cartoon.

If you're too ignorant, single-minded, self-centered or just plain old stupid you're not going to laugh. You're not going to take a cartoon for what it is. You're going to look at this as religious slander, or anti-semetic, or something completely bullshit.

Imagine how peaceful the world would be if you could laugh. Not sarcastically but REALLY laugh.

But then again thoughts of a peaceful world are crushed on a nearly constant basis because of people who will stop at nothing but to fill your soul with fear and slander about the world.

So please, all open-minded people out there, if you hear someone trying to prove that Christianity is better than Islam, or Jesus is better than Muhammad, or all Muslims are terrorists...tell them to go fuck themselves. Tell those ignorant fuck face faggot fuckholes that the ENTIRE WORLD does not want to hear that bullshit.

Please, try to listen to people's ideas, but don't let them steal you're beliefs from yourself. Don't fight back with them by telling them they're wrong and that "No Jesus really is better than Muhammad!" because you're just as much an ignorant little prick as them.

Stay comical and stay TRUE to YOURSELVES.

Remember that the world wants peace and if you laugh at one thing every day, you will be making so much more a difference in our plauged world now adays.

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Just the Joke we need these days.

You did a good job mate. Jesus and Muhammed fighting, kind of relates to current events, eh? Well, first of all, im Catholic, more or less devout I suppose. And I doubt Jesus will rain hellfire on you or your pals for this. And I also dobut Muhammed will start lopping off your heads. For the Muslims out there who were offended by this, I do sympathize with you, I fully understand the idea of idolatry and I did think about converting to Lutheranism on the basis of it. But the Koran stated that Muslims cannot depict Muhammed or any other prophet, hence the intricate geometric shapes in Mosques instead of statues, like in Catholic churches. The creater is not exactly a Muslim, Christian, Taoist or anything else, so he does not abide by a Religious' group set of rules. And that is his choice. But what I find more distressing are the bible thumpers who believe Jesus is going to smite the creator for this. And for you guys, I distinctly remember Christ saying a bunch of stuff about forgiveness and acceptance. (Oh, and Jews and Muslims respect, if not follow, the Ten Commandments)

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I've played this scenario in my head before and now finally someone with true talent can bring my thoughts to life. I really enjoyed this, all of the elements of a great flash are used here.

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Jun 20, 2004
8:46 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody
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