Where's the Beef?

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Me and my good buddy Addison were told to create a claymation for art class. It turned out pretty good so we thought wth, lets submit it to newgrounds. So here it is our first ever claymation. Cow and Bush fighting lol, what more could u want. Took us a long time to make so sit back, grab some corn, a beer and enjoy!



Let's just say none of that was intelligible. What if your teacher was Republican? Hopefully he/she was, because this movie doesn't deserve to be crapped on. I hope you got a bad grade and you get sucked into a jet engine.

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c'mon, seriously. That made no sense. Usually that's good. but here, it seems like you wanted it to make sense but failed. Shitty audio clips, poor mix of claymation and flash. Cliched Matrix reference...

This saddens me...

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not good

it was dumb, but i have seen a lot worse, so i wont shoot this one down.

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This is crap

What the hell is this supposed to be, id dint even bother watching it all. If there is a god this will be blamed.

Total BLAM

this was a complete waste too long of a load time then I have ta watch a poorly done flash?? WTF

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1.99 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2004
11:17 AM EDT
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