Hank Hill Soundboard

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Hank Hill soundboard. Propane and propane accessories included. Ooooowaa-aaaa--aaaahh!!!

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i clicked on bobby my ass

You forgot "Kick Your Ass"

It's like his catchphrase. No Hank Hill soundboard is complete without it.

Not the best but

Good job at least the fact that you put loads of sound is good but some are not as loud this can be perfect for prank calls though!


So, uh, like, try some digital samples next time instead of holding a mic up to your TV or whatever godawful method you used to record these samples. How do you expect me to piss off telemarketters with this obvious fakery?

Utterly Shitty

This sucks really bad. The sound is horrible, the quotes aren't that funny AND they cut off on almost everyone. It's too quiet, you can't read the writing that well and the sound changes atleast 3 times. A suggestion. You should download "Aces High Mp3 Recorder". It only records from whatever you're playing the episode from, and if you don't have a dvd i suggest you get one. If you don't, it's just gonna suck balls like this did. The only reason anyone liked it is because it's original. THAT'S IT.

TheCrazyPanda responds:

Your entitled to your own opinion, you don't have to think for other people, YOUR Hank Hill Soundboard was shit in my opinion, I don't think mine is that great either but it was made a long time ago. I'm not so much of a hick and a nerd that I would actually buy the DVD just to make my flash better. If you read through the reviews dipshit, you'll see that no one said anything close to "This sucked, but at least it was original!". Now go suck your own dick to the pleasure you got when your shit passed portal, you should be proud of being such a nerd and a hick.

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3.76 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2004
12:26 AM EDT
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