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Strawberry_Clock's Fucks

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Author Comments

im so dead serious here. at least the file isn't one sentence, and I put some effort into this. O yeah, just go click X on "Strawberry is illegal". I think this movie will do the job which that movie should have done. enjoy the show.

Updated May 17th, I just learned the preload bar and i found it some use.


its great

but stop making movies about straw berry clock..its annoying.

DudeZilla responds:

Ok... I already am ahead of you.

Hell yeah!

First, I'd like to respond to Kornflakes. The idea behind this movie is that Strawberry has very few movies in the Portal. Most of the films under his/her name are stolen from other people. I could explain my suspected motive, but who cares? Strawberry serves no useful purpose here.

As for you, Randy (Chris), I just gotta say HELL YEAH! I'm glad that someone took the time to make an organized statement against this fucker. Hopefully this'll get somebody's attention and we'll finally get rid of Strawberry_clock's scourge of porn and plagiarism.

DudeZilla responds:

Yeah, but some people are getting on my case and calling me the strawberry king. After all though, I have 19 fucking submissions, AND THEY'RE NOT REMOVED YET! (Although I plan for "Press X, sorry bout that." to get removed, I EVEN WANT IT TO!) And some people think I steal, and the awnser is fuck no. And it's not an offer. THANKS FOR THE REVIEW MAN!

Who's Strawberry Clock?

This movie has prompted my interest in the matter. Your comments have been noted.

DudeZilla responds:

If you saw that stupid welches grape girl sucks, that was hers. Look her up on the portal. TRY: Dildo_Monkey, StrawberryClock, Strawberry_Clock. You'll find her there.

I don't know strawberry clok

but i hate her anyaywa, i am drunk and this movie made me alugh while trdinrk (nmitoeha easy_ so here is your 3 rasing the score some monre. ban sstrawberry clock ahahah .


I wanna know why the hell strawberry's movies are in the portal.
One of them is just a badly drawn truck that doesnt even do anything. WHAT THE HELL?

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2.52 / 5.00

May 10, 2001
6:10 PM EDT