Strawberry_Clock's Fucks

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im so dead serious here. at least the file isn't one sentence, and I put some effort into this. O yeah, just go click X on "Strawberry is illegal". I think this movie will do the job which that movie should have done. enjoy the show.

Updated May 17th, I just learned the preload bar and i found it some use.



Heartily agreed with and I too laughed evilly...Though, that happens normally.

DudeZilla responds:

If only that deletion could happen. lol.

This movie is kind of boring.

I do hate strawberry_clock's stupid movies but if it wasnt for him I wouldnt be able to make my movie called "I MADE A PORNO! (Parody)" lol

DudeZilla responds:

Well, I guess you may find it boring. But I'm not gonna make any excuses about this review, cuz of course listening to a subway in the background makes this... ok whatever.

OK, this made no sense at all.

who the fuck is this guy talking about?

DudeZilla responds:

If you knew, you would of gave me a better rating. This is the most lame idiot on newgrounds. I do apologize to carnage673 however, because he did give a ten to her on one of her movies...? I know i'll be expecting bad reviews from people who like her. until then, I think i liked newgrounds.com instead of www.newgrounds.com, if you know what i mean. ;-)

good point

you have a good point. someone always does fuck it up and we happended to know who fucked up flash. all raise hands if you agree with randy... i agree

DudeZilla responds:

Randy is now DudeZilla... ROAAR thax man


Why do all of Randy Lee's movies completely blow?

DudeZilla responds:

Who's Randy Lee? Did you see DudeZilla's latest? It Rules! I saw that one from Postumus_Varro, his one completly had something from a blow job, I swear.

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2.52 / 5.00

May 10, 2001
6:10 PM EDT