Strawberry_Clock's Fucks

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im so dead serious here. at least the file isn't one sentence, and I put some effort into this. O yeah, just go click X on "Strawberry is illegal". I think this movie will do the job which that movie should have done. enjoy the show.

Updated May 17th, I just learned the preload bar and i found it some use.


Very Good movie.

I'm also pretty tried of the Clock Crew.

im anserial killer theyve banned me from all store

good movie strawberry needs to be takin out but although it hit me what if this is what he wants?well of coarse the anal sex but maybe he just wants to be popular at school so guys will stop pissing in his locker or girls will stop spring his cloth's with dush maybe all this kid needs is a good ass kicking well i dont think so of coarse he wants populariety and of corse he wants his ass kicked but most of all my god we all LOVE newgrounds its been around a long time so are we the ppl of newgrounds just going to let some punk kid who doesnt even have pubes take over newgrounds beleave it or not if we all hate him its better to ignore him then his populariety will be crushed(dont forget to send him hate mail)but either way newgrounds is stronger so anyways just my thoughts.

Who is strawberry_clock??

I've seen so many hate films about him but who is strawberry_clock, is he a friend of tom fulp, the webmaster's friend, homeless bum, police commisionner?? I cant rate this film since i dont know who is he.......

I'm surprised, that was really good!

Okay I know the clock crew is using there "secret names" to give themselves good reviews and give you a bad one. But I'm going to be honest and risk turning strawberry Cocksucka's gay asses on making movies about me, I Loved thid flash For thr movie, it was just funny! even if I didn't see the clock crew whinin' of the home page about how people are hatin them for being hatefull assholes!

That was...interesting.

I hate strawberry_clock too. I just didn't like it that much.

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2.52 / 5.00

May 10, 2001
6:10 PM EDT