Adam Fulton Tribute

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Adam Fulton this is for you man! I dont think the other tributes are as good as this.. Well check it out...
Sorry its so late (I finally logged on to newgrounds today and saw the sad news)

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So sad.

This is truly heartbreaking and I am really sorry that you lost a friend. It must be hard on everyone who knew Adam. My thoughts and my sympathies go to you and Adam's family.


i don't know the guy so my perspective will be skewed, but I have a hard time respecting someone who stabbed a guy and shot a cop in cold blood, then killed himself so he wouldn't have to deal with the consequences of his actions, seems a bit cowardly. But again, I didn't know him so I can't have a proper point of view.

Tell me

I dont know what happend, but did he post his suicide note on NG??? if he did, i want to read it so i can have a better idea of what happend. Also, the rating were completely random. I did them out of neccessity


Call me an insensative fuck...but since when do we decide its cool to pay tribute to criminals and psychopaths on here? I mean I dunno what he was like personally, but come on people the guy was cleary pretty fucked up in the head. Call me old fashioned but I just dont see why there is THIS much of a tribute to a mentally disturbed attempted murderer. Dont confuse this with a p[ersonal attack on him, just felt I should leave my commentary.

jjrocks2002 responds:

Adam wasnt a bad guy, he just didnt make the right decision. We should tribute him, he gave alot to newgrounds. Unlike you... O well, and you cant really say he was a "pscyhopath" because you never even talked to him. Everyone that knew him thought he was the coolest.

I Miss Adam Fulton and his Flash

Great tribute to Mr.Adam Fulton I have cried a few times over the Death of him ( I dont know the Guy) But I am a Big fan of his work The Man left behind His Family Freinds and devoted NG fans.
I Pray to him along with the prayers I say to my Mother and father who are in heaven with him, I still do Hurt Deep inside because of the Pain and sorrow he went through such a shame a talanted man Like him is nolonger among us on earth.
I salute to you NG Police Lieutenant jjrocks2002 sir.
NG police Officer Mithaniel_Marr

jjrocks2002 responds:

Thank you for the salute and we will all miss Adam...

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Jun 17, 2004
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