Moogle Masher 2

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Well since the first Moogle Masher movie was such a smash hit, I decided to make a sequel! Remember that this has a lot of nudity in it so if you are underage, go watch a Disney movie or something!

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Well that was abit odd, and strange, i did however find some entertanment init. allthough you could improve with some time and artwork aswell as improved animation.



he hit the nail on the head there


You realised that you went on the internet to find a pic of a naked man, then you made a flash with him, about someone you hate? I mean, you really have this much nothing to do?

I understand you can hate people ; everyone does, but, why wasting your time making a flash movie about someone that you don't like? Worst, you had to work on this flash with that gay pic in the frame.

Now about the movie.

The graphics were probably all taken from google, except for that muffin thing (which apparently did not take you too much time to draw)

I really liked the music, the one in the movie especially. The piconjo song was not as good but I liked it.

Next time you make a flash, you should actually try to make a good plot, since hate flashes don't usually get a good score.

Not right at all.

Your one sick motherf***er. Try again asswipe.

What can you do?

What can you do, eh? I used to make flash toons, until I saw this one. It is the penultimate flash toon. Anything I make will be utter garbage. I salute you, sir.

PenOrMuffin responds:

w00t thank you for the high score good sir! I still think you make quality flash :)