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B.N.R. & P.B.N.F

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Author Comments

Full title: A Boy Named Roy and His Perpetual Bother Named Father - EP 2 "Dad, the Art Critic" or "Giant Fucking Food Monster"

Tweaked even more. Way different than the original Ep. 2.

Please watch the whole thing (it's not long at all).


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It was ok, i guess

i mean, if you hadn't used "Microsoft Paint" it may have been better. i've seen better (and worse.)

i chuckled

i thought it was funny, but wow......drawing isn't your thing is it? i mean, i personally found it funnier because of how terribly drawn it was. seemed to go along rather nicely.




wtf was that that was boring shit ( -_-)

robototron responds:

oops, you're wrong.


this is the worst flash i have seen from you yet..you and your company have 21 flash movies on the site now and they all have one thing in common..they are all so poorly animated that it ruins the whole story. You really do have an unique style that could be put to so much better use if you just learned how to animate better. Take the time sit down and learn flash and your movies will be 10 times better. dont take this as an insult..im just tring to pass along a lil bit of constructive critisim.

robototron responds:

I probably shouldn't take what you say as insulting. Let's take a look at this little gem from another review you left: "...a pathetic human being. go get a fuckin real job and do something with your life besides takin it up the ass everynight! Fuck you."

Wow. Sounds pretty constructive.

Look, I - sadly - actually agree with you on this one. I don't even LIKE animating. I like writing. But, posting Word docs on NG ain't gonna fly.

Why don't you check out my movies "Freelancer's Life," "Rent Day," and "The News = My Atari." Those are actually shot on video. Excuse the pixelation due to compression. I think you'll see that in those movies, I'm in a better place.

But, please, if you don't like the movies - don't make a deliberate effort to be as insulting as possible. And if you've already done that - which you have - at least grant me some respect before telling me not take your reviews as an insult. At least give me the courtesy to acknowledge that you've said shit that's not right. It's not like I want to hold a grudge. But, goddamn man.

Credits & Info

2.56 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2004
4:56 PM EDT