Boris in "Cold Tea"

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This is the first cartoon that I have ever attempted (flash or otherwise). It's pretty short, about 20-30 secs. Enjoy.



well I must say this Movie was short But That was pretty damn Funny LOL so my vote on it is 5 and my reviewing Vote is 9 Not bad lol this is another Movie that made me laugh check out the banana One made by NBNP LOL its called Banana Love and Reply to this review also oh and review NBNPs Flash also and tell him I sent ya ok? Good Flash :)


:pee in your pot", what the fuck, funny shit.

really good

That was really good. I'm suprised it was your first attempt. I gave you a five. I hope you can make the next episode a bit longer and maybe turn it into a series.

Nice jorb, jhonka.

Firstly, I know the author of this movie very well, so my review is probably quite biased.

But on to the point: This is one of those things that people will either like a lot or hate its guts, which is also reflected in the other reviews here. And as you can see from the scores, I'm one of those who likes it.

The shortness doesn't matter to me, as it's the style that counts here. Feels like a weird Monty Python sketch. The length can also be explained by the fact that it's his first real attempt of Flash animation, sort of a test run (and therefore also deserves most of the low scores).

No, this isnt crap

Theres so many people who post their first flash on newgrounds and its usally a shitty afair stick men, a dog crapping or simply the letter B. But this is differnt god no its not the best flash ive seen. But for a first attempt its not bad. Graphically you have potential. with the next one plan it plan it. If it takes months so what. Ill be watching you. Hmmm.

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2.01 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2004
9:19 AM EDT
Comedy - Original