SDF: Inverse Shoot 'Em Up

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EDIT: THERE IS A NEW VERSION OF THIS GAME made in collaboration with the legendary Weebl:


Please check that one out - it's much more polished than this one! Feel free to play this game if you want to see the development over time though...

This game is unlike a conventional scrolling shoot 'em up - instead of controlling the lone starfighter, you must marshall your forces and defend your base!

SDF features intense soundtrack, hardcore blasting action, and sound effects by human beatbox legend Spy Eyes!

You fire your fixed weapon as the screen scrolls by clicking on them. You can also launch fighter wings and use EMPs!



That was a fun game.You should make another one with more enimes and more levels.good work.

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gavD responds:

Thanks mate. Well, thanks to the way I designed the engine, I can slap in new levels and graphics no problem at all.

There will be another version in the future with more levels and better graphics!

Being the offense is boring

I've never seen a game where your actually defend the base that's getting attacked! This is awsome. I give this a 10 for creative thinking!

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gavD responds:

Thanks rebelpunk1! Innovate, don't emulate!

Awsome very new and crisp!

I would expand on the idea it some ways... Like mabe not the lone ship but a smell fleet or something....

and make it longer next time

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gavD responds:

Good call! That would be like in a conventional shoot 'em up whereby the player has several "lives"

Nice idea

Fresh idea, actually being the legion that the lone fighter is up against. I'd keep working this is I were you. With a larger variety in the music and some higher detail model and animation you could have an all time NG favorite on your hands.

This at least deserves the front page for the idea and execution as it stands.

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gavD responds:

/me blushes

Front page would be a dream come true!


Hey I kinda liked this game. Its totaly cool it was diffrent than all the oter crap. I like the reverse role

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gavD responds:


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3.91 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2004
7:32 AM EDT
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