SDF: Inverse Shoot 'Em Up

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EDIT: THERE IS A NEW VERSION OF THIS GAME made in collaboration with the legendary Weebl:


Please check that one out - it's much more polished than this one! Feel free to play this game if you want to see the development over time though...

This game is unlike a conventional scrolling shoot 'em up - instead of controlling the lone starfighter, you must marshall your forces and defend your base!

SDF features intense soundtrack, hardcore blasting action, and sound effects by human beatbox legend Spy Eyes!

You fire your fixed weapon as the screen scrolls by clicking on them. You can also launch fighter wings and use EMPs!


Liking it

This is a kl game. like the way u defend yer base. The two player idea was great. This is one hell of a game.
Suggestion:Maybe you can add a mode where you can lay yer base defences using money and have more than one enemy for next time.
This was a great game. Thanx for the fun

gavD responds:

Thanks chrismonster,

I may one day do a sequel to this, but right now I've got so much original stuff going on, I'll wait until my creativity dries up!

Thanks for checking out my other stuff - I love it when people do that!


Another original game?? ^^

Hmm.. I don't recall having seen any of these before.

At first at thought it would be like any other "Xevious" game.
(I didn't read all the info in the beginning :P)
So when the game started I was like; "Wha- How do I move the damn ship?"

But then I discovered the true meaning behind this game. ^^
Great game! Keep doing them in the same quality!

gavD responds:

Thanks MetaCloud! Have you checked out the updated version with Weebl's improved graphics and sounds effects?

The early stages of development

Mint game, made me all happy on the inside.

The idea is one of the most original I've ever seen! Shame Weebl took all the glory for the improved version. Bastard. >: (

gavD responds:

Woohoo - a review from one of my favourite NG artists! Thanks mate! When's the next part of Zombie Nation out?!=

Well, I certainly wouldn't call Weebl a bastard - without his graphics, most people wouldn't take any interest in the game, so I'm grateful to him - it got the game massive exposure.


yeah,the graphics are better in the other one,but the original version is allways better...almost,look at doom for example,lol,keep up the good work!


gavD responds:

Thanks mate! Well, this version runs a little faster because it's not quite so graphically intensive... People found the other version too easy because it ran slowly on their machines.


Cool twist to the 'ideal' starfighter games. Easy to understand and very fun. Nice Work!

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gavD responds:

Cheers dude!

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3.91 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2004
7:32 AM EDT
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