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Wo0t!!! Front page thanks!
as for the viewers, try to remeber that KK is my 1st real animation,its supposed to be wacky/crazy & its a parody of alot of diff things.

("Killer Kazuki: Special Edition" is in the works, with redone BGs, and other stuff.)
Note: the movie is over when u see the credits.

Also, i'd like to thank Omahdon for his voice acting.

After Such a long time in production “Killer Kazuki” is finally finished. This Movie is not serious, so now you have an idea of what to expect. Also, I spoofed a lot of things which u may or may not recognize, either way you’ll enjoy this animation I’m sure.

Final Notes:
1. Read the prologue while it’s loading so you can understand the story better, if it finished loading the prologue will be in the top right corner of the main menu.
2. Make sure to checkout everything in the beginning and ending menus!
3. The merchandise section has some sweet Killer Kazuki shirts and other Killer Kazuki items.

That’s all for now, enjoy.


The Coolest

Oh wow man, that was... that was... just one of the best flashes I have ever seen! I even found some of the kills funny! The characters were drawn perfectly, the effects were dominating, and it came together in a symphony of perfection.

I did think some of the things could of been improved; one of the subtitles is not matching what the character says, the message is something like, "I have let everyone down" and the words refrase the sentence; and the body slide was pretty fake looking.

I cannot believe anyone could give this thing a zero! Must be a case of jelousy. It was one of the coolest flashes ever!


the animation was tight but the story was kinda shity good job though!


now that was a kick ass flash. haven't seen some thing this good with a good story line in a wile

Very smooth

This is great but one fault demonic uzis? Not that I don't think guns should be given powers but couldn't you have given them some more back ground e.g.; forged from a ... these uzis have demonic powers ;or; demonic claw from the first beast every generation take the for of a power full weapon knives, swords, muskets, rifles, machine guns (big bulky), uzis (small), lasers? (Well that or rail guns like the ones in the film "Eraser" some thing nice and futuristic) with demonic powers. (Ok so mine are a bit lame just feel its a bit of a plot hole)

Any way one fault can never stop this being great movie.
Definitely worth a (5)Vote. Hope to see more


How much time did you spend on this? This is a very good flash. I like the way you used computer graphics with your own drawings. Lots,and lots and lots of violence. But that's a good thing. Images are smooth, very good sound, the lips were right with the words. Very cool main character. So overall, congragulations! You scored a 10.

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3.89 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2004
2:28 AM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place June 16, 2004