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Little Fighter Alpha Ch.4

rated 4.31 / 5 stars
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Jun 14, 2004 | 9:02 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature June 16, 2004

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  • Little Fighter Alpha
    Little Fighter Alpha Created with Little Fighter game sprites, this series is like a hardcore in-game cinema.

Author Comments

*Update* AHHHHHH! I can't believe it, daily 1st place? thank you for your support guys! This will encourage me to do better on my next movies!
MaxR: This is one of the longest movie I have made compared to the others. I made changes, like adding scene selections, and improved on basic things. I hope you enjoy ch.4. I will respond to all reviews!
AnzRage: It's been great working on this chapter. We are always trying to improve. Send us some feedback on what needs improving.
Gooffy123: We worked really hard on this. Can you tell? Go to our site and join in the fun by posting inour forum.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

This series gets better each time

That was good, you so almost got a 4 for this, but it was just that bit lacking.

The first scene with Bat was ncie but the fight could have been longer, the second guy should have taken him some time to beat or something, and it just seemed a bit weird with him talking to the green guy, then fighting, then talking to him again, perhaps the green guy should have reacted to the fight or something.

The second scene was great, the fight was of a perfect length and was very nicely done, there were only two flaws, you made a grammatical error, it should have been "if it isn't the little fighter guys" instead of "but it isn't the little fighter guys", also The Turks music just didn't work, as it's sound is like a people approaching kind of sound instead of, we just won a fight now we'll go find the others kind of thing.

The third scene was also nice due to it being different from the others as them guys met people who were on their side instead of against them, it could have done with being a bit longer though, it just seemed that bit lacking and it was just too short.

Sorry for giving these movies low overall scores, but my overall score is an average of the appropriate score ratings for a movie, in this ones case graphics, sound, style and violence. And due to my sprites graphic rule it lowers the score, so sorry, it probably looks like I hate it when I don't, I like it in fact. Anyway well done, good job, keep up the good work.

Peace Out, Afro Stud



Rated 4 / 5 stars

I guess this is a new chapter of the story

I see you finally decided to add a menuscreen in this. I was a bit dissapointed that you removed everything at the preloader, but a menuscreen is always better of course. Because of that I gave you some more points for interactivity (still only a 5, cause it's not a game). Anyway, back to the movie.

Well I guess this is a new chapter of the story. The group is now split up, which probably means more stuff is going to happen. I liked the fact that they finally found somebody who isn't an enemy (the monks and orc like things), everybody they met in part 1-3 where all enemies. On the other hand, maybe this means there will be more talking and less fighting in the next episodes (this part already had less fighting). It doesn't really matter that much, as long as you don't add fucking long conversations about nothing at all. I do hope they're going to take out that John soon, cause if that's gonna take another 4 episodes then I guess the series won't be finished before 2007. He's only one of the five bad guys, so I expect this series will have at least about 20 episodes. Anyway, the graphics (I liked the backgrounds), sounds, music etc. were all good again.

Overall 8 out of 10, 4 out of 5. Still not bored with the series at all, there is always something unexpected happening in every episode. I guess that keeps people interested. Part 3 is still my favorite, but this was also one of the better episodes so far in my opinion. I think this needed a good looking menuscreen and I'm glad you finally added one. What I didn't liked is that you removed the buttons in the text boxes. Now I have to read fast otherwise I can't follow it anymore.

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MaxR responds:

You're right, splitting the characters apart will add more stuff happening at the same stuff, which was exactly what I was trying to do. The reason I took out the button in teh dialogue box is so that I can rhyme the music with the movie so it wont go offtune.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great job

omg Tsugaru! That was flipping awesome. It was kinda funny too because the music and scenes changed kinda of quickly. The fight scenes were much better, and overall that was the best one from episodes 1-4 so far. I'm on to 5 ^^


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great !

Very good ST...I really love it...Final Fantasy VII,
Unreal Tournament and Heroes of Might and Magic III...
I love playin' these games !
Keep up the good work boyZ !


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Nice very nice ^.^