All-In-One Tutorial 3

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Wow, another 2nd daily :) Thanks people, you're my motivation!

Part 3 already :) Have fun with this one. More audio options, better topics :) Go judge for yourself :) All reviews are welcome!

DJ Runaway


All-In-One Tutorial

Another well made tutorial iamsuckah. On the whole, I feel this one was better overall than the other two, and at this rate, if you submit #4, that one will be even better.

The graphics again are decent, and do the job they are there to do. Yet I'm a little disappointed that you haven't used different background animations.

The sound is much improved, as now there are three choices of songs, though I still prefer to have all the sound off, as neither of the three were really that appealing to me, but at least you tried to reach out to a wider audience with your music.

This tutorial seemed like it had more filling than the second one, which seemed like it had a lot of fluff in it (i.e. How to Write A Review). This one was much more substantial.

Unfortunately there were a few typos, and some mispelled words, which, though it's common, should not be present in a professional submission, especially from one that's giving advice to others. That and this one just didn't really feel like it was anything new. It just felt like you reworked the second tutorial.

I still think that you should stop with the tutorials and start making an animation, seeing as you obviously know how it's done. Anyways, this tutorial felt just like it's predecessors, hince why it's receiving the same score from me. DreOK3000 gives "All-In-One Tutorial 3" an 8 out of 10.

DJRunaway responds:

Thanks for the tutorial :) I'm glas you think this one is improved, and I will try to make it even better in the future. As for the backgrounds, I'm working with a professional dude now (www.inochi.nl) and we'r designing together :D :) Thanks for the review mate!


Well, im looking for tutorials that cover rotations...i wanted to know an easier way to do something like rotate and arm or...somehting like the rotating colors in your BG...will your next tutorial cover that? Anyways...I really like your tutorials...but im looking forward to more advance things next time :D

DJRunaway responds:

:) As I tell everyone, just wait and see :) The next tutorial will be the most complete you'll ever see...And hopefully, the NG crew finaly will get the point that they should make a special tutorial section somewhere on Newgrounds :) Thanks for the review man!


This tutorial really is something! Tons of content, and quality such as well, stuff that even I don't know yet, hehe. Everything is provided with a nice and easy to use interface as well. Love it. Keep up the great work!


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I loved all your tutorials, especialy now with the graphics, though I was disapointed a little.
cause I see all those people with sprite games, and stuff, I dont suppose they keep repeating to put in every move of the sprite over and over in a movie?

I already figured out with actionscript on the games but movies still kinda complicated

perhaps in the next, I'll be looking forward =D

DJRunaway responds:

:D :) It's very simple. Just make multiple different movie clips, like one with "mario" walking, one with him jumping, etc :)


Am I the only one who sees the irony in there being 3 "All In One" tutorials?

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Jun 14, 2004
4:40 AM EDT
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