Dan the Ball

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NOTE: im not trying to be like Bob the ball, this idea has been in my head for quite some time, plz dont blam cuz u think its like bob the ball.

Ok, so my EB flicks were kinda slow... so i decided i didnt want my audience thinking im a boring guy, so i made this short toon to draw in some ppl. who knows, maybe ill make more.. but wat the hell do i know..

wow, didnt expect ppl to like it this much. thnx for watching and giving all the good reviews, im working on part. 2 now... i changed the viloance thing to excessive. i forgot last time. neway, thnx again..



1st revier in 2 yrs??WTF?!?!@?!?!

It is a very good flash,and my eyes are pleased!


i loved it! awesome! dan rules! make another!!!! oh, and thanks for responding to my review of your earthbound movie.

Stevemyster responds:

im responding to this review too, so when newgrounds gets more storage, or i make room to submit another, u can vote 5 on "DTB: Balls of Steel 2". im done with it, but the file is too big...

A big improvement, but nothing new.

Well, thanks for taking my suggestion into consideration. I liked this one a lot better, although there were a few scenes that could have been shortened.
Im just glad that you got rid of EB. Its been played out and there are other, less creative, and less intelligent people out there that have really made the EB flashes look stupid.

Anyway, glad to see you're still at work. Perhaps you should check out some of the top flashes and create something original.


it was dumb, but in a funny way, and i love that song too.

Not bad at all

I had the same impression as many other people, when the movie first loaded I was like "Blam" but then I waited and clicked the "Kill" option and watched. To my surprise it was actually fairly entertaining to watch, if not slow in some parts (especially during that two view thing) but not bad at all. My recommendation is to create a better loading screen that won't convince people to Blam it in the first few seconds, and second recommendation is rename the next one to something other then "Dan the Ball" (because ppl will Blam if they think you ripped it from "Bob The Ball")

Stevemyster responds:

thnx for the tip. but his name shalt remain Dan.

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2.14 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2004
1:42 AM EDT
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