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!!WTF!! I just checked all teh new reviews and see that all j00 think I'm making fun of Livecorpse. the first bunch of reviews were from people who personally knew him and said that he would have loved it, and I know he would have too because we were close friends. all j00 people writing the newer reviews are teh jerks who jumped onto the Livecorpse bandwagon after the front page post and don't know anything about him. all j00 go die. kthx.

For those of you who never had to the pleasure of meeting Livecorpse I hope this tribute will help you understand him more. He spent many hours helping kids learn art with Flash, he was a very intelligent and great person. Sadly, he has passed on at the young age of 22. Piconjo will miss j00, Livecorpse, Piconjo will always <3 j00.



That was horrible, but I hope this isn't blammed. It shows what happened, and I hope we will all remember LiveCorpse, although I didn't even know him... I wish you would've spent a little more time on it, though.

It was good!

First off the flash was good, not like orgasmic good but good all the same.
Ok for all you fuckers who gave this cool guy a 0 i looked at most of your profiles and saw that none of you have made ANY flash. None of you all who gave less than a 3 made a flash, so i submit that you shut up, you all need to watch tribute to animators, and to quote it,
"What the fuck are you doing? Do you know how hard that was to do. Thats what i thought you aint not made a flash movie or game? Why dont click a damb 5. Why dont you do some shit, you cant do no shit, you know why cause you a dumb ass"
Sorry i got a little mad good job on the movie!

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piconjopwnsj00 responds:

thank j00 for voting 6, you are very wise Piconjo <3's j00.


I didn't really like this, but hey it's not about liking it, it's about remembering livecorpse. If you say livecorpse would've liked it, who am I to argue? I'll leave by saying that all you assholes with the rude comments don't know him like the others. I'm sorry you guys and livecorpse will be missed.

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i don't know

but i laughed :)

it was.... ok

i guess... wallpaperman made a movie too, so would this be counted as stolen? well anyways it did kind of explain it in a MS paint sorta way... good try........ i guess

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Jun 12, 2004
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