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!!WTF!! I just checked all teh new reviews and see that all j00 think I'm making fun of Livecorpse. the first bunch of reviews were from people who personally knew him and said that he would have loved it, and I know he would have too because we were close friends. all j00 people writing the newer reviews are teh jerks who jumped onto the Livecorpse bandwagon after the front page post and don't know anything about him. all j00 go die. kthx.

For those of you who never had to the pleasure of meeting Livecorpse I hope this tribute will help you understand him more. He spent many hours helping kids learn art with Flash, he was a very intelligent and great person. Sadly, he has passed on at the young age of 22. Piconjo will miss j00, Livecorpse, Piconjo will always <3 j00.



normally i would've blammed it but,it since its a trubute to someone i won't.

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i came to newgrounds when livecorpse was allready dead, so i never could talk to him about politic. i saw some RIP Livecorpse submissions here and there... when i first saw them, i just thought "why that much trouble about him? he killed himself, so it was his own decision. Persons die every day.".
than i begun to look some flash-submissions of him, and some of them are pretty good.
i like Piconjo, and Livecorpse was an creator of this character, so ... yeah....

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Livecorpse Would Love This

Even though i usually hate your hate-mongering Flashes, You're the only one who's got the Rest In Peace idea right. Adam would like some Satire, much more than just a plain 'Rip Buddy'. I also know that Adam, along with three others, made piconjo. Anyway.....

Thanks, Piccy-


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Not to bad

better then most of your flashes since this one dosn't have you being a jerk and hating all other flash artists.

R.I.P Livecorpse


Well, piconjo, god of animation, this is good.
Im not as ingorant as some of the other cunt reviewers in nazi grounds.
Livecorpse would love this if he was here today.
Seeing adam was one of the piconjo founders.
Nice stuff livecorpse rules.
Piconjo teh <3

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Jun 12, 2004
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