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This game is actually going to be used as part of my next major project, as an 'unlock the next level' thing. It's built COMPLETELY from scratch. I've kept the filesize as low as possible to leave more room for the rest of the project. The aim of the game initially is to beat a set score, and after that, beat your own score. Read the instructions on the start screen for help.
Please say in your review if this game plays slowly on your PC, I have attempted to optimise it but there's a fair wallop of AS.

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Loved this modification of the original snake game. I hate when ppl just dont use any creativity and make just another version of snake when all you have to do is what you did and just switch up the scene and give it a completely different feel. I thought that the idea was alittle more advanced then your average snake game as i got something like four parts to my life, collecting both gold and silver coins was a fun concept too, sound effects suited nicely. Overall although i didnt make the 1000 required i did enjoy the game on my first try, and loved the deepth and creativity it brought over most flash versions.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

It's ok

A bit boring to me it takes too long to get challanging.
I wish it would get harder faster.
Heck I had 5K points and still had not used a warp or hit my own tail, it took too long to get that many points as well.
Nice basic code though, this could easly be used in something more complex.

FLiXD responds:

Old old game, my skills have improved drastically since then. I might do a remake of this, it would suit API


another easy, but short time wasting game, I only put 0 on sound cause my speackers are fucked, so if there is any music, I apologise, it's like the same as Throw it, not the game, just the type, small, easy and something to do if your bored as hell......


Fun Fun Fun...

Fun game... Sorta hard... cause i cept on going back into my trail by accident... but yeah... I mnever even broke 1000... i suck lol

oh and... i see you used my music somewhere... thanks ^-^

FLiXD responds:

Erm... check again...

Fun like tron... or Snake.

It's like the Tron lightcycle game, or snake. Two of my favourites. Both similar. One thing I noticed, and I think you should alter, is the trail should be an exact squar, and not rectangular.

If possible, add multiplayer. Great fun. I scored pretty low though,(1894) I didn't figure out what the warp did at first. and the ship destruction part is also pretty keen.

Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2004
7:23 PM EDT
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