The Earthbound Movie Ch.2

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i went through a lot of trouble to fix a bunch of bugs. it was even going to b 2 parts at one point in time. i know there are a couple of things to fix but my flash stopped working... i need to fix it.. enjoy
i just wanted to tell ne1 that is looking forward to Ch.3 (if there are any) that I'm putting it aside. im not giving up on it tho, im just starting on a little something else. i promise there will b a ch. 3 and so on. its sort of a long story, so i might only go to a certain spot and maybe someone else can take on where i left off. thnx for watching!


This was slow...

The opening scene was way too long and boring. The music makes me sleepy, and the sprite dogs were annoying (moving legs). The textual dialogue was descriptive, but dragged. The movie needs a faster pace and different music for starters, and then move on to some better backgrounds and sprite work.

Good luck.

Stevemyster responds:

check out Dan the Ball, another one of my toons. i dont want to lose an audience member because one of my weaker toons.


it was alright... storyline looks kinda cool... i'll go see the first one. keep making em.

Stevemyster responds:

i know i said id keep making more... but i myself was getting tired of it. i have episodes 3 and 4, and 5 is in the works, but i want to send them all in one day. ill finish in like a few months, cuz im working on sum other toons. thnx for the review.

Way too slooooooow....

Maybe watching these earthbound cartoons by you and some others, I never want to play this game again.

I'll give you some credit for the art, but seriously, this needs to move quicker. I was just yawning waiting for one scene to end. I couldnt bring myself to finish watching this.

Other than that, this needs a LOT of work.

Better luck next time.

Stevemyster responds:

check out one of my latest flashes (not so new actually) Dan the Ball. u were the one that inspired me to make it. thnx a bunch for saying my movie was way to slow. (and no im not being sarcastice so dont think im an ass)

Congrats, you may have cured insomnia

It was really boring, and then when it got to the fight seen the fight seen didn't have any real excitement to it. Blood is allways cool and makes a fight seen 10 times better.

Stevemyster responds:

ya like blood do ya? well check out Dan the Ball, just go to my other submissions and ull see 2 episodes.

It was sprited,and in MS PIANT!

Work....0n it....

Stevemyster responds:

actually... im totally against paint... i get really pissed at ppl when they use paint... iono.. w/e.. too lazy to argue...

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3.18 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2004
3:27 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody