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The Earthbound Movie Ch.2

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i went through a lot of trouble to fix a bunch of bugs. it was even going to b 2 parts at one point in time. i know there are a couple of things to fix but my flash stopped working... i need to fix it.. enjoy
i just wanted to tell ne1 that is looking forward to Ch.3 (if there are any) that I'm putting it aside. im not giving up on it tho, im just starting on a little something else. i promise there will b a ch. 3 and so on. its sort of a long story, so i might only go to a certain spot and maybe someone else can take on where i left off. thnx for watching!


very good

This is a well made movie dude, I'm an earthbound fan and I appreciate things like this but i have one question, do you plan on going through the whole earthbound story? because that would take forever especially since each movie only covers a small peace of a lengthly story, it would take forever to cover the whole thing but I'd like to see that. keep up the good stuff

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i juz wanna know

since i never played earthbound..........is this what the game is about?

not bad not bad at all

that was pretty good when is the 3rd 1 coming out

Potentially good

This was an interesting entry, I liked the concept of this and seeing what you had to work with you were going in the right direction. The only problem is that your execution faltered pretty greatly and you could have spent mroe time on working out the little necessities.

You're doing good so far, you've captured the feel of Earthbound and added a serious tone to it, which is what you were trying to do. You just didn't apply enough of what you needed to make it seem like a serious plot. A few things that give it these problems are the dialogue and choppiness, also the spriting which is pretty bad.

All I really think you need to do is take time and don't rush yourself. These could be good if you did that, also try to implement som better dialogue, that would be helpful. We need more people attempting to do serious/darker flash's, I'm glad at the attempt, just not the execution.

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Indeed needs work.

Well it's time or the guy who's infamous for EB spoofs to make his review.
Well at least you got a working preloader and you figured out how to trace the sprites right... The smoke effect is a bit funky and you shouldn't crayola up the place. When people are turned over like they're dead, it's good to get rid of the shadow underneath them. It is indeed a bit slow and the sound effects need to be more properly placed. What I'd recommend is you either sticking to graphics that look like it came from the video game or making everything out of raw drawings. Oh yeah... I'd keep the sprites in proportion because you warped them a bit near the end of the film.

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3.18 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2004
3:27 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody